PARAcast Firearm Q&A (general)

Best gear for IDPA, and a some tips on GSSF.

Tom's Mag pouch

Tom's Belt Choice

Tom's Holster Choice

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This week I talk about some thoughts on retention holsters. Check out the classes and send a questions. use the links below.

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This episode was put together in a hotel room so bare with it.

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A interview with Massad Ayoob. Prolithic author and and Master trainier.

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Which point of impact do I prefer? A quick touch on TFOs and handheld vs. weapon mounted lights.

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We get questions about IDPA cover. Whether or not I have given up on the Beretta?

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Steve koski joins me on the show and answers a few questions. He talks about the early years of IDPA and stetting up a club.

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