The PARAcast
Some of the guys shot a match. It wasn't Robert.
Kepler Kramer Anyone tried the hundred round .223 case gauge?
(I know Tom and Steve are too cheap to buy one, but maybe Robert picked one up?)
Steve Jaworski Let’s say you were thinking of retiring to Utah from back East. What part of the habitable zone would you recommend for a combination of competition shooting, quality of life, cost, etc?
Chris Potts I heard Tommy talking about working about with a kettle bell. I was thinking about giving this a try. Are there any thing that I should watch out for so that I don’t end up with “birthing” hips?
Derk Hopkins Any movies I should watch since I can not dry fire?
Peter Wiktorski When are you going to go out and buy a Sig P229 in 357SIG?
Scott Pigg Ok. how about another USPSA divisions chat?
Drop lim10, production, and carry optics.
Start a super stock division. An unmodified marked parts gun. (obviously this would have to involve manufacturers) Steel and polymer versions optional. Winners will have their guns checked for tampering. Giving folks back the just buy it and shoot it confidence. 10 rounds 9mm only.
Start a MODIFIED division. this division is pretty much any gun from the stock division but you can modify it to current production rules. 15 rounds. 4lb triggers and tested before match and winners checked again.
Third new division is MOD OPTICS. same as modified but with optics.
The idea is modeled after car racing divisions. worked well to get companies interested in making faster better and safer cars. Its only a recent idea so don't think I am married to it. Please feel free to call me an idiot.
Good to hear the UPS man still lives. and robert sorry for your loss brother.
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