The PARAcast

We  are recording a show today! If you have questions or hot takes let us  hear them. And remember competition or no competition you are a winner!

Derk Hopkins

when are we going to have indoor matchs again?

Alex Coco Wendt

Your thoughts on offset red dots on a AR

Kepler Kramer

I have this bad rash on my junk, can Robert take a look?

Trevor Toone

To kilt or not to kilt? What is your answer?

What weight of "Captains of Crush" can Kenny close.

Lex Konishi

Bear market on gun sales... Anti-gunners new tactic?... buy all the guns and ammo so no one can have them?

CJ Daniel

If  each person could only have one pistol for the rest of their life, what  would it be.  Not one “model” or “series”, but one single serial number  pistol.  It’s all you’d have for CCW, competition, zombies, coming war  with commies...

Klay Grover

How  about the elephant in the room. A couple of weeks ago it was like daddy  hit mommy at the dinner table. Are we really gonna all act like it  didn't happen?

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