The PARAcast

Kenny decided to go camping. So you’ll have to contend with Steve,  Tom, and Robert while they discuss the important issues of the day, such  as: “Should RO’s at major matches be allowed to play stage walkthrough  music for the squad or is the match director being petty by telling them  no?”

You know... the important things. 


Tyler Turner Please talk about how excited you are that Matt Hopkins is running for A3 director and why it's important for us to start putting fresh blood on the USPSA BoD.

Aaron Laws Walkthrough music should be mandatory

Matt Hemple Since protests are so popular now, can we all group up and protest Bad ROs at majors.

Rob Moore Please see if any of your listeners (all 8 of them) know how in the world the DNROI managed to get bumped to open at SS nats.

Chris Potts What is the minimum amount of titegroup necessary to get a 115gr bullet out of a beretta 92 barrel?

Gabriel Johnson Are you guys gonna do a SS winter again?

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