The PARAcast
We’re going to do a show tonight. It will involve the latest production division talk, followed by some spicy takes on USPSA, and we may even talk about a match or two. Either way join us tonight as Kenny regales us with his thoughts on his new Beretta. We will also Answer questions. But only the cool questions. Well, maybe even the not so cool questions. We’re pretty open like that
Jacob Franklin Is Tom’s favorite tv show Westworld due to all the PX4 screentime?
Matt Hemple Due to the covid 19 I have drove 12hrs to shoot 2 matches the past two weekends. With equals out to about 150 seconds of shooting. Should I seek help from a counselor.
Chris Potts Questions for Robert. Are Dillons like CZ’s in the sense that you have buy another one whenever you break a spring?
Sebastian Muñoz Where can I find 17 ounce CZ basepads?
Robert C. Moreno Could you share your load data regarding Sport Pistol? I’m shooting 9mm 125 gallant bullets. Also, how do you go about finding accurate loads for your pistol, OAL, latter testing? Thanks for any insight!
Brett Beddow Any suggestions for removing squibs from a 16” PCC 9mm barrel ? I’ve channeling my inner squibnandez
David Blanton What if production had the option for major and 8 rounds- same rule otherwise. Would that provide character to the division or just be changing stuff to change stuff at this point
Evan Ruesdale I have been away from small arms for over two years, and will continue to be for another year. What can I do to maintain proficiency?
Nate Osborne What year (when not if) will a 9mm 2011 or 1911 be production legal? And how will manufacturer donations impact this timeline?
Austin Rist Tom, is it an unwritten rule to not walk through peoples yards if possible when delivering packages?
Chris Potts Also for Robert. I ordered 3k galant 147’s. What length do you like to load them? Any suggestions for loading them for a Pistol Caliber “Pistol” with a suppressor.
Tony Carter What are the Pros / Cons of 124 grain vs 147 grain match Ammo? Felt recoil, muzzle flip, accuracy and energy on poppers?
Lex Konishi Brisket, pulled pork or Ribs?
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