The PARAcast

Some of us survived the Purge. So we decided to record a show.

Ask us questions if you want. Or not. The most controversial questions get Tommy's new Telegram account...

Richard Ingram

How good can you get just dry firing and saving ammo/primers for matches?

Peter Wiktorski

What  lake should I avoid in the coming weeks?  I want to be sure that there  are not too many "boating accidents" creating an artificial reef.

Sean Edmunds

How come you guys aren’t coming to NC for Area 6?

Thomas Everett Hudson

What  the hell are we about to get ourselves into? You thought 2020 was bad,  here comes 2021. How do we recover from this great divide?

Sebastian Muñoz

What do you guys think about Wheaton barrels?  A buddy of mine dropped one in and got about 3 jams on unload and show clear.

Couldn't eject live round.  My advice was to not mess with the glock perfection.  Any advice on how to fix issue?

Marshall Kear

With  the prices primers are selling for at auction sites, have you  considered selling any? I’m seriously weighing how long I think it will  be before or if the shortage is over vs making a small fortune.

Derk Hopkins

How do you guys pack for an air travel match?   What do you bring with?

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