The PARAcast

Due to the Cornoavirus, the editors have taken the week off.

With the Coronavirus in full effect the guys couldn’t shoot a match. So Kenny went camping to scout out some new locations for some plants he’s trying to grow. Not sure what that’s all about but he said Big Clouds would understand..
Join us tonight as we discuss the week not in guns, and the ensuing panic of having to deal with family members. 
A.J. Ellis Anyone wanna trade a fresh Glock 31 round mag for a factory mag for a CZ Shadow 2? As for the show, what are your favorite target stand systems for range day?
Nate Osborne Steve mentioned he got a bidet last week, but did he get a dozen of them to accommodate all of his many bathrooms, or is the whole family just using a single restroom facility now?
Michael Pyne I've heard you mention that the USPSA Associate membership is gone. But I renewed mine about a week ago. The renewal defaulted to the $40/year option. But if you clicked on the "other options" (or something like that) you could select the $25 option. Thanks for doing the show.
Dutch Brogoitti With Nationals bumped do you think A1 will also?
Chris Potts I’m so happy that we are making “big cloud” jokes again.
Sebastian Muñoz Can Robert Wyatt talk about how to setup a backyard range? My backyard is 60'bwide x 30' deep, neighbors on all sides. Thanks
Thomas Everett Hudson Since Defensive ammo is so hard to find right now, and my shipment just came in; How deep of a hole should I drill into my Gallant Bullets to make Hollow Points?
Dustin Taylor Has Steve bought enough Natty Light to survive his quarantine?
Richard Ingram Where to practice if your local range is closed?

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