The PARAcast

Join us in our second week of looking for a new host as we talk with  Austrian turned Italian, the Humble Marksman, David Blanton. Dave  recently found himself in possession of a Langdon Beretta with a dot on  it. And now he’s all about the pasta life!



Matt Hemple Now  that the new CO and production divisions rules have been out for a bit.  What are your guys thoughts. I personally think they are stupid. My  brass griped CZ shoots insanely flat.

Collin Lewis I  just re-chronoed my same loads that have been 132pf at the last few  major matches. Some made minor and some didn't quite... powder weight is  still the same at 3.9 grains of cleanshot. Do you think something is up  with my chrono or with the load?

Sean Edmunds I bought an FNX 45, tell me how big a mistake it was...

Robert C. Moreno Hello  fellas, I'll be attending my first level 2 match end of september   (Idaho Sectional) and might be going to the Area 1 championship the next  weekend. Do you have any tips on training, equipment, and prepping  match ammo? I may be a bit in over my head as a low B shooter but i'm  excited to get out of level 1 matches. Thanks for any insight!



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