The PARAcast
Steve is still out of town undergoing indicternation in Oregon. So we got the crazy Nate to join us again to talk guns, fireworks, and other levels of high disrepute.
Zach Grubb When developing a load - do you tune your load to the recoil spring or do you tune recoil spring to your loads?
Walter Phelps Is a 9 pistol suppressed quite enough to enjoy in suburbia?
Matt Hemple How should you treat people that done paste all day and have the nerve to not tear down.
David Blanton How excited are you guys to come shoot the North Texas Open?
David Blanton What is your favorite competition gun and what are 3 things that keep it from being perfect?
Drew Beckman For the esteemed panel: what is your favorite non competition range toy? Thoughts on the Cz Scorpion?
Sebastian Muñoz How do you take revenge on the assholes who light off mortars on weeknights for two weeks straight around this time of the year? Asking for a friend.
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