The PARAcast

It’s below freezing in Utah. Robert is probably dead. But we soldiered  on and are answering all the hottest questions you have this week!


Maximus Hypicus I'm  moving to Utah (Provo area) from Denver. Where are the USPSA, IDPA,  STEEL, (Bowiling Pin, it's a long shot) Matches,  in the area? Thanks.


Jeff Lambert Currently  healing from a knee replacement and I find that I am trying to shoot  faster to make up for my physical disability. This is leading to a lot  of alpha then Charlie’s mikes or delta’s.  What are some good drills for  shooting cadence and shooting on the move.

Chris Lokey Anyone  have experience with The SCAR? Any regrets purchasing it? Any reloading  experience? Got a chance to get a good price on one. Ammo is a bitch  price wise.
And what are each on of y'alls Christmas wishes this year? And what are you hopeful for in the New Year.

Sebastian Muñoz It's  Single Stack Winter!!!  I mean nose-dive winter.  How do I eliminate  nose-dives?  Please don't tell me about polishing my feed ramp.

Richard Clare Best press for running multiple calibers. (Owning a separate 750 press for each caliber not an option)

Douglas Dalske Anyone going to get that new DAA primer tube filler?

Chris Potts Did  the new flare did fix Steve issue with bullets seating crooked?  I was  betting on a case flaring issue but I missed it if he gave an update.


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