The PARAcast
UPS finally killed Tommy. It was sad. But we still got our packages.
Matt Hemple I am going to try to make GM this year. But my carry optics CZs keep breaking optics. Should I go back to production or just start golfing.
Steve Jaworski Question 1: Do CZs destroy red dots faster than they destroy slide stops?
Brian Prusse Have you ever got a 223 case stuck in your sizing die? Did you buy a case remover kit or DIY your own kit?
A.J. Ellis If it's not too off topic, what do ya'll think about the Virginia events?
By the way, I picked up a Sig P365 and it's fantastic. Exceptionally small profile for its barrel length and capacity. Fits my had perfectly.
Calvin Leatherwood Shooting wishlist, a top 3 things you’d ask for no matter the price.
GallantBullets PEWPRO10 for 10% off your first order
Dominate Defense  PARA10 for 10% off 
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