The PARAcast
Joshua Cook If you can compare recoil impulse, feel, single action trigger, etc... with an xfive legion and a shadow 2?
Ruben Garcia I’ve notice my last shot in and array is D/A or Something like that. Any advice on settling the sights in the A zone before firing? Or is it just mental?
Zach Grubb 1911/2011 - toolless guide rod worth it?
Wayne Anderson Has anyone ever shown up to a PCC match with something cool like a Thompson M1A1?
Ryan Reid Nothing's illegal in USPSA anymore
Brian Purkiss What is your favorite drill (or drills) for sharpening the skill to see your sights through recoil?
Shoot Reload Repeat Podcast During live fire I see people unloading after each string. When I shoot multiple strings I just reholster. Am I building bad habits or being hella smart? By the way I didn’t the red dot life, just like my buddy Robert Wyatt
Eric Steiner When will Make Ready record another podcast?
Brady Kraft With Colt making revolvers and HK sp5, do you expect to see any 80’s only themed matches in the near future?
David Bartlett Is anyone going to SHOT?
Christopher Anderson What competition bags do you all use, backpack or shoulder strap style? Also what are your holsters for Single Stack Winter?
Kenny Platt When is Tommy going to sell off his .45 for a 9mm 1911 so he can enjoy shooting Single Stack instead of powering through the annoyances of shooting SS major? I’ll start the bidding at $99, going once...
Ryan Reid If you had to make three substantive changes (mandatory) to USPSA, what would they be. Why do I feel like this has been asked and answered?
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