The PARAcast

Between shooting in standing water and long checkout lines, the guys shot a match. It was epic.


Nate Osborne If Alex Coco Wendt and Tom H Nelson can't get the squad in front of them to tape and reset, what operant conditioning methods should you use on them?

Derk Hopkins If  a pistol you have been wanting is going to be available soon. Would you  purchase as soon as it becomes available or would you wait to touch and  feel it and listen to the reviews?

Justice-Cynthia Coker What detergents or chemicals do you use when cleaning guns and brass in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Peter Wiktorski Since Virginia keeps pushing for the big igloo to pop off, what preferred camo?  Kryptek or Hawaiian shirt and shorts?

Jacob Franklin Next gun purchase? What will it be?

Klay Grover How about you four shoot a match in production with hi-points.

Kevin Izatt Value powders? Been using tightgroup. Worth looking at something else?

Max Bloemendaal What Area matches would you like to shoot but haven't?



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