The PARAcast
Kenny shot a Beretta and now has the Coronavirus. Robert meanwhile spent the week trying to figure out how to bolt an extra three pounds on his shadow since USPSA created the new division “L10 without a Magwell”
Join us tonight as we discuss how much we love when governing bodies Frak up the divisions with arbitrary rule changes because they’re too lazy to enforce the existing ones.
Rob Chavous When did USPSA remove the $25 associate member option? Stealth dues increase?
Brady Kraft I have purchased a “wanna be a gunfighter starter kit”. Glock 34, comp tac holster and a shit ton of mags.
1) can you expand on the belt options for my starter kit. Inner and outer belt setups etc. This is foreign to a rifle guy. Even though I have a budget gun, not necessarily looking for budget belt.
2) I added the dawson sight upgrade to my starter kit per y’alls recommendation. I quit being a wuss and installed them myself. Can you walk me through sight in techniques you use to get them aligned properly.
3) Focusing a lot on grip. Right handed shooter. When I look at grip techniques, most of what I see has the left hand palm making contact with pistol. I am am struggling to get this right. My palm overlaps my right hand. I am thinking about this correctly? What am I missing?
Jared Spearman What features/criteria make a shot timer a good one? What timers meet these criteria?
Kenny Platt What do you think the effect would have been of USPSA eliminating the weight limits all together in CO/Prod vs enacting such a high one? My read on it, to get you guys started, is that had they completely erased the weight limits all together, people would have likely not felt the need to change their guns much at all, but now that there’s a golden number that you can achieve, many people (myself not included) feel like there’s a race to 58.5oz going on.
K.C. Hutchinson Is it better to take your Charlie and deltas and move on or take that third shot to try and get a second alpha?
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