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The guys got together and shot a match despite the impending corona  virus outbreak. They also shot berettas with optics and comps in  production. Cause apparently USPSA is allowing anything these days. It  was interesting. 

Join us tonight as we discuss the match, and our pending demise from the corona virus. 


Richard Clare I would like a response from the CEO of PARA cast on what they are doing in response to this virus please.

Also.  I'm having issues bringing stuff I do in live fried n dry fire practice  into a match. I seem to resort to my same usual speed at a match vs  practice.

Marshall Kear Is  it a blessing or a curse that the virus doesn’t cause zombies? The lack  of required head shots does simplify the toilet paper retrieval

A.J. Ellis What are you all looking forward to most about the impending apocalypse?

Nate Osborne Is  there a compelling reason the be a USPSA member if you don't have plans  to shoot major matches during the year? I care less and less about  having a letter by my name, and am not really being convinced that a  membership is worth it.

Mark Miller I  know you guys talked about it last week, but I wasn't able to ask til  this week. What about the reason for the weight increase in CO being  able to get 2011's into the mix in the future. With all the big  manufacturers building the 9mm with slide mounted optics. All it will  take is, one more rule change for that to happen (single action),  essentially pushing polymer guns out of the mix.

Sebastian Muñoz Given the shortage of toilet paper, are you guys still eating Jack in the Box tacos after matches?

David Bartlett The  symptoms of COVID19 range from a mild cold to death. Should zombie  films feature a similar range of outcomes, starting with many of the  infected merely wanting to lick other people?
PS. Let the scorekeeper touch the approve button on the Practiscore tablet until further notice.

Nate Osborne With the quarantine, are we going to see an influx of GMs who dry fired for 8 hours a day while stuck in their houses?



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