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Some of the guys shot a match yesterday while one protested, then went  out and practiced on his own. Find out who tonight on the show as we  discuss the week in guns and answer your super wonderful questions.


Rob Brom I  think I should shoot groups to get used to shooting the gun correctly  after a lag in practice.  Is this something your team of....guys...would  recommend? Thanks

Max Bloemendaal If  the only match you end up shooting this season is IDPA, with a  different gun than you shoot USPSA with, how many tacos would you eat?

Drew Beckman All  the recent podcast love for the 92 sent me down a Beretta rabbit hole.  We’ve heard Tom defend the APX - let’s hear some hot takes on his  defense of the Pico!

Derk Hopkins After  all this time off, Once the timer beeped what did you forget to do?  I  forgot this was a competition. I did not move with urgency.

Joshua Cook Transitions...any  tips on how to train to stop on target at speed without over "shooting"  your spot on target?  With all transitions at different distances it  seems hard to "muscle memory" transitions for precision.

Chad Strickland If the government gives another stimulus check, do I buy a safe or a MacBook for my wife?

Dave Sohm Rear sight has come loose, i can slide it with my finger. How should i secure it?

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