The PARAcast
The Humble Marksmen joins us tonight
Walter Phelps Not wanting to shoot limited minor with a p226 sao, how similar is the 320 x5? Ignoring the hammer vs striker ofc.
Matt Hemple Got a question for Kenny. When you made GM. Did it make you practice harder. Since I made it I've been practicing even more
Jared Michael How to get better at long range pistol shooting? 25 yard etc.
JD Tree Why don't his Glocks shoot left like everyone else's?
Jeromy Camp Any thoughts on using a .22lr pistol for live fire training instead of regular match gun some of the time?
Michael Boisson Is the Shadow 2 the best production gun ever?
Derk Hopkins If there was a State VS State USPSA competition Who would be on the team if there was a Team Utah? One person in each division to represent Utah. And back up if you don't want to name just one.
Calvin Leatherwood On a budget, 2011 or the DWX in 40? I know its not out yet but is it a viable option for limited?
Ryan Reid How do you stay so humble? Is Georgia or Texas more awesome, and what exactly makes you say Georgia?
Tyler Turner If dots make you shoot better, why have you gone backwards since you strayed from the Lord's division?
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