The PARAcast
Everyone is back. Some of us shoot matches. Others sat around and complained about the general state of affairs in the country. Either way we’re doing a show and answering questions tonight at 4:30.
Kenny Platt Now that Steve is back, it’s time to remind him of the bet that he lost. I’m still shooting a plastic gun. Tacos are on him. Welcome back Steve!
David Blanton Shooting on staff day as a paid competitor - you get squaded with a bunch of boomers who are mostly IDPA shooters and it’s 100 degrees - your options are to pick up the clock and move the squad and degrade your match performance - or let them limp along - what do you do?
Lex Konishi What is indicternation?
Douglas Dalske G19 or 365xl for Carry and welcome back natty ice Steve!
Peter Wiktorski Has anyone from "Team Brown" gotten a state side with their vehicle yet?
Derk Hopkins What are some major Matches you guys are looking forward to NEXT year.
Evan Ruesdale Proudest moment and why?
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