The PARAcast
We’re back again talking about the important issues of the day. Such as, why are we paying match fees to USPSA when all they do is administer a messed up classification system and put out subpar nationals without walkthrough music?
We also answer questions. Especially the good ones. Like, why if you bag in crappy guns in a video on YouTube all the Taurus owners come out to white knight how the fifty rounds they shot through it over the course of two years didn’t have any malfunctions and you’re just a hater?
Matt Hemple Can we ban MPXs from uspsa. Lost the overall today because a guy beat me on a stage by 5 seconds because the timer didnt pickup his last array.
Olaf Styrbjörn Primers are so hard to find I’m thinking of pulling all the bullets from the all-up rounds I’ve gathered over the years while picking up brass (thanks to all you who unload and show clear and then leave the chambered round behind). Then I can just start them in station 2 of my 550. Any reason why this is a bad idea?
Peter Wiktorski What is the shortest barrel length you will trust to reliably function on an AR pistol? With all of the social unrest going on, what have you changed in your every day carry?
Derk Hopkins What would tell yourself, if you just found out about the shooting sports in these times with the current shortages and prices? Would you pay 1.20 per round?
Gabriel Johnson When are you guys gonna release some hats!? Also, which one is better? SS minir or SS Major? My vote's for minor because I don't have nukes going off in front of my face.
Beau McDaniel If the November election turns out unfavorable for us gun owners, what place is going to be your first stop to loot while you peacefully protest?
Michael Pyne What do you do when a friend or family member says "I bought some guns" and proceeds to tell you the list of "never heard of it brands" that they impulse bought at the local gun store, all based on no research or advice from anyone but the store clerk? 1) Nod and say, "uh huh", a few times and try to change the subject 2) Mock them mercilessly for their poor choices 3) Something else? Oh, and they have no ammo for anything except the stuff they ordered from Cheaper Than Dirt, including 9mm Winchester white box @ $1.20 per round.
John Ormond We need walk up songs
Ruben Garcia Context: I left my Salomons at home on day two of our sections march. So I l called my wife at 6:30am on a Sunday to bring to to me. Question: how many dozens roses does it take to make up for being the biggest bone head in USPSA?
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