The PARAcast

We all shot the Idaho Sectional. Find out our thoughts and ask us your firearms questions for the week!



Alex Coco Wendt
I  loaded some berry's bullets up and I'm confused. Some have an over all  length of 1.130 when I'm done and then some vary up to 1.140 when they  are seated and crimped. Is that too much variation?

Matt Hemple
What do you guys do when a match is just going horrible for you like I had today

Ruben Garcia
How much is too much training before a major? Is 2-3 times a week too much before Nats with a week break right before. 

Jon Ostrom
How do you lock in a stage plan. I always feel lost on long field courses. 

Alex Coco Wendt
What is your favorite 9mm minor load?

Derk Hopkins
What is it that you will make sure you bring to a large Level II or III Match. Besides Tom's "Special Chrono" ammo.

Mark Miller
How much more would you pay at a level 2 to not paste and reset targets??

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