The PARAcast
Tom went out to shoot a match win his #singlestackwinter and the club single stack hero changed divisions to shoot his 1911 in “production”.
Calvin Leatherwood: What did you think of the DQ video I sent?
Nick Coronel Does attendance affect what division you shoot? There were only three guys in production at my local match today, all of us C class, and this seems to be a trend. For some reason it feels less interesting than when there’s a higher level shooter to chase. I have an MOS glock and don’t want to shoot limited or open, so CO would be the obvious choice.
Mark Miller What are your thoughts on a level two match not putting out a match book, does it affect how you prepare for a major match. No stages diagrams, descriptions, just a schedule.
Derk Hopkins How many times Have you all been DQ'd?
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Steve, Tom, and Rob get together and discuss Piña Colodas and Gay Days at Disneyland.

They also talk about guns...

Questions from the Show

    Chris Lokey Any insight into the different areas of USPS mine is area 8. Is there a ranking or is it just that simple?

Kenny Platt Is Utah Kenny going to shoot Single Stack with Idaho Kenny at Area 2 since Idaho Kenny broke his shiny new Limited gun?!?!?!

Jared Michael Major vs minor for general matches single stack. Looking at recent area 1 matches, minor did very well.

Tony Carter What is considered more important in the game Speed or Accuracy?                 PEWPRO10 for 10% off first order

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