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From the show that brings you quantity over quality the guys are back once again for another weekly installment of your favorite.. err liked.. uh.. well we are doing a show.

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Due to the Cornoavirus, the editors have taken the week off.

With the Coronavirus in full effect the guys couldn’t shoot a match. So Kenny went camping to scout out some new locations for some plants he’s trying to grow. Not sure what that’s all about but he said Big Clouds would understand..
Join us tonight as we discuss the week not in guns, and the ensuing panic of having to deal with family members. 
A.J. Ellis Anyone wanna trade a fresh Glock 31 round mag for a factory mag for a CZ Shadow 2? As for the show, what are your favorite target stand systems for range day?
Nate Osborne Steve mentioned he got a bidet last week, but did he get a dozen of them to accommodate all of his many bathrooms, or is the whole family just using a single restroom facility now?
Michael Pyne I've heard you mention that the USPSA Associate membership is gone. But I renewed mine about a week ago. The renewal defaulted to the $40/year option. But if you clicked on the "other options" (or something like that) you could select the $25 option. Thanks for doing the show.
Dutch Brogoitti With Nationals bumped do you think A1 will also?
Chris Potts I’m so happy that we are making “big cloud” jokes again.
Sebastian Muñoz Can Robert Wyatt talk about how to setup a backyard range? My backyard is 60'bwide x 30' deep, neighbors on all sides. Thanks
Thomas Everett Hudson Since Defensive ammo is so hard to find right now, and my shipment just came in; How deep of a hole should I drill into my Gallant Bullets to make Hollow Points?
Dustin Taylor Has Steve bought enough Natty Light to survive his quarantine?
Richard Ingram Where to practice if your local range is closed?

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The guys got together and shot a match despite the impending corona  virus outbreak. They also shot berettas with optics and comps in  production. Cause apparently USPSA is allowing anything these days. It  was interesting. 

Join us tonight as we discuss the match, and our pending demise from the corona virus. 


Richard Clare I would like a response from the CEO of PARA cast on what they are doing in response to this virus please.

Also.  I'm having issues bringing stuff I do in live fried n dry fire practice  into a match. I seem to resort to my same usual speed at a match vs  practice.

Marshall Kear Is  it a blessing or a curse that the virus doesn’t cause zombies? The lack  of required head shots does simplify the toilet paper retrieval

A.J. Ellis What are you all looking forward to most about the impending apocalypse?

Nate Osborne Is  there a compelling reason the be a USPSA member if you don't have plans  to shoot major matches during the year? I care less and less about  having a letter by my name, and am not really being convinced that a  membership is worth it.

Mark Miller I  know you guys talked about it last week, but I wasn't able to ask til  this week. What about the reason for the weight increase in CO being  able to get 2011's into the mix in the future. With all the big  manufacturers building the 9mm with slide mounted optics. All it will  take is, one more rule change for that to happen (single action),  essentially pushing polymer guns out of the mix.

Sebastian Muñoz Given the shortage of toilet paper, are you guys still eating Jack in the Box tacos after matches?

David Bartlett The  symptoms of COVID19 range from a mild cold to death. Should zombie  films feature a similar range of outcomes, starting with many of the  infected merely wanting to lick other people?
PS. Let the scorekeeper touch the approve button on the Practiscore tablet until further notice.

Nate Osborne With the quarantine, are we going to see an influx of GMs who dry fired for 8 hours a day while stuck in their houses?



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Kenny shot a Beretta and now has the Coronavirus. Robert meanwhile spent the week trying to figure out how to bolt an extra three pounds on his shadow since USPSA created the new division “L10 without a Magwell”
Join us tonight as we discuss how much we love when governing bodies Frak up the divisions with arbitrary rule changes because they’re too lazy to enforce the existing ones.
Rob Chavous When did USPSA remove the $25 associate member option? Stealth dues increase?
Brady Kraft I have purchased a “wanna be a gunfighter starter kit”. Glock 34, comp tac holster and a shit ton of mags.
1) can you expand on the belt options for my starter kit. Inner and outer belt setups etc. This is foreign to a rifle guy. Even though I have a budget gun, not necessarily looking for budget belt.
2) I added the dawson sight upgrade to my starter kit per y’alls recommendation. I quit being a wuss and installed them myself. Can you walk me through sight in techniques you use to get them aligned properly.
3) Focusing a lot on grip. Right handed shooter. When I look at grip techniques, most of what I see has the left hand palm making contact with pistol. I am am struggling to get this right. My palm overlaps my right hand. I am thinking about this correctly? What am I missing?
Jared Spearman What features/criteria make a shot timer a good one? What timers meet these criteria?
Kenny Platt What do you think the effect would have been of USPSA eliminating the weight limits all together in CO/Prod vs enacting such a high one? My read on it, to get you guys started, is that had they completely erased the weight limits all together, people would have likely not felt the need to change their guns much at all, but now that there’s a golden number that you can achieve, many people (myself not included) feel like there’s a race to 58.5oz going on.
K.C. Hutchinson Is it better to take your Charlie and deltas and move on or take that third shot to try and get a second alpha?
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Daniel Garibay If you had to concealed carry only one gun for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Derk Hopkins For USPSA/IDPA where do you site in you pistols? For defense?
Thomas Everett Hudson Red Dots, large or small for competition? Advantages/disadvantages of each? I’d love to hear your opinions. P.S. Love the show. I look forward to it each week. It really is like sitting in with a good group of friends and listening to them talk $hit. Keep up the good work.
Matthew Engman I’ve trained a handful of times in the last year... what should I work on first?
Max Bloemendaal Steve, how much has the 5th Generation of Glock enhanced "Perfection"? Solid update, or minor upgrade?
Jacob Franklin Did we get another new IDPA rule book this year?!?
Gabriel Johnson When you are reloading, where should the gun be? Chest height a foot away? Shoulder height foot and a half away? Where should the gun be pointing (if facing downrange)? I dropped 5 mags on 3 of the 4 stages yesterday, you do the math. Still came in fourth though.
A.J. Ellis I've always just used the factory sights on my handguns and it looks like I may need to zero one or two of them. How does one go about adjusting factory fixed sights for windage for best results? Or do I really need to just get adjustable sights if I want to mess with them?
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