The PARAcast
What we lack in substance, we make up in consistency.. Join us tonight as we discuss the week in guns, Turkeys, creative ways to rig the vote process against your wife to get a majority of people voting in favor of you getting a new gun... Oh and questions. We answer those too. Especially the really good ones. None of that 'Why is the failure of management related to the slow death of IDPA?' kind of questions!
Has anyone actually seen a Gen 5 40 caliber gun? I know 40 is somehow only effective in punching paper but some still believe it works for self defense.
What new gun did you get? What new gun should I get?
Any advice on finding a level 3 holster for a Beretta 92x with a TLR-1HD? Safarilands holster finder sucks balls.
I’m looking to grab a 92x. I’m sure that it has been discussed but is there any reason not to get a decocker only model?
Are Biden’s cognitive abilities the only thing diminishing faster than IDPA membership?
Have you guys considered having ‘big clouds’ come back for a second episode of ReloadCast?
Alex Mansfield
Here’s a few questions for the show: If you were USPSA king for a day what would you change? and why? Besides changing magazine capacity like stated in past shows what would you change in Carry Optics if anything?
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Kenny  shot a match, and the Kenosha kid got out on bail. So I guess we have  some things to talk about. Unless you have some great questions to  distract us from the National dumpster fire!


David Blanton

Does anything at a USPSA match complain more than a short left handed production shooter?

Sean Edmunds

It’s  going to make great pod but... Robert as a lefty shooting revo how did  you set up your belt? Loaders under your strong hand?

Douglas Dalske

Robert,  How did you get the armory to let you hold "classes" at the range? I  have a local indoor range that I'd like to do the same thing at.

Dutch Brogoitti

show is over but let's talk badges!

Dutch Brogoitti

Shadow 2 or Beretta elite LTT?

Glen Weeks

How to design a off season training plan

Nate Osborne

What is the best thing USPSA has done this year? And why is it online participation trophies or branded jackets?

Carla Masco

Automate a 650?  I've heard good things and bad.  Opinions?

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While Tommy finalized his preparations for the impending societal collapse, Robert and Kenny defied the local tyrant to shoot an indoor match. Steve did some stuff too I guess..

Join us tonight as we get together and discuss popular yet infamous boating accidents and that one coat hanger trick that will make the alphabet boys shoot your dog!

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We got together to defend ourselves from Adam and his impugning our already low reputation. And answer questions!

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While the party of love and tolerance threatened to burn down the city if they lose, Robert and Tom recorded a show.

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