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Tommy and Robert get together to discuss a question that came in from a couple listeners to the show.

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Continuing the great primer shortage of 2020, Robert spent the week looking for more primers. Tommy in the other hand cursed all the online shoppers as he worked until 11pm every night.
How can a gun run 100% through a 200 round practice session only to choke on the first stage of a match two days later. This has happened twice to me.
What are your thoughts on the ATF P80 raid and subsequent end user questioning?
If Dillon made a machine that allowed you to reload and reuse primers, how much do you think it would cost? And how dangerous would it be to operate?
I know that you have done "single stack off season" competition in the past, but have you ever spent time competing with sub compact or any of the more popular EDC pistols?
What kind of snacks can we leave? What’s the best options?
Do UPS drivers like it when people leave snacks for you? What are the best kind of snacks?
With the lack of ammo/components what do you think next seasons matches will look like? Were already discussing round counts for next year. Doing more IPSC style stages.
What are you looking forward to most about the Great Primer Shortage of 2021?
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