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I don't know... Something happened. Tommy edited it. Good Luck and go with God.

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So we’re back. I know you thought we were dead. But we were only mostly dead…
Steve Tom and Robert are doing a show. They're talking all things Cameo, Nationals, and other shooting things...
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We talk about American Patriot Marv Heemeyer, 9mm Lung Removers, and Kenny's 24lb tank rifle.

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New week new show. Because we love you.. or something like that. Steve and Kenny have decided to come in the show this week.. so that’s a win.
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Hopkins dropped out of the race. Robert got into a fight with the Range Master. Kenny shot a suppressed rifle. And we have Alex Mansfield on from the Manny Talks Shooting Podcast!

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We talk about the Black Rifle match, and the insolvency of USPSA, and Kenny's second place at Bighorn...

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Tom and Robert shot a match. Tom won CO. Robert won production. Guess who’s division had the most people in it..

Join us tonight as we talk all things USPSA, shooting, Jake’s marketing budget, and answer questions! Jared the cop will also be on to answer all of your doggo related questions.

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Kenny and Tommy shot a match. Robert babysat another newbie squad. Steve was missing. We couldn’t find him.
But he’s going to come on the show today and we’re going to talk about all the cool things in shooting. Along the way we will answer questions.
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Tommy is selling a gun to some shady person. But we're still doing a show. Because why not.

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So.. we wanted to interview all the good candidates for USPSA president.

When that fell through, we decided to have YeeMin Lin on the show.

You should ask questions. It will be fun. Or interesting. Well it will be a show 😂

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The guys have been busy arranging transportation to undisclosed foreign countries. But they’re getting together to do a show and answer questions. So you should probably ask all the cool questions before they end up in some foreign jail cell..
Mostly they're going to talk about the "new" but not really new division..
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We have Charlie Perez on to talk about his book 'Path of Focused Effort. A Learning Guide for Practical Shooting.'

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Steve sold a car. Robert Shot a match. Tommy bought a suppressor. And Kenny is still updating...

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It's Lex's birthday. And since he hates it when people acknowledge it, we as good friends are doing just that.
And we're also talking about what we did in guns. .. Gotta keep some semblance of normalcy.
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We talk about USPSA, Home defense, lightning links and other fun but slightly sorta questionably legal things
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We all decided to shoot a match. Well except koski who was shooting IDPA.
Fun times were had in reasonably cold temperatures. So we decided to get together to talk about it, and all the other gun things we did.
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New Year, New Season!

While everyone is setting new year’s resolutions, we here at the paracast are resolving to do nothing of value this coming year.

On the plus side, we’re still going to do this show. So I guess we have that going for us…

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