The PARAcast
Daniel Garibay If you had to concealed carry only one gun for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Derk Hopkins For USPSA/IDPA where do you site in you pistols? For defense?
Thomas Everett Hudson Red Dots, large or small for competition? Advantages/disadvantages of each? I’d love to hear your opinions. P.S. Love the show. I look forward to it each week. It really is like sitting in with a good group of friends and listening to them talk $hit. Keep up the good work.
Matthew Engman I’ve trained a handful of times in the last year... what should I work on first?
Max Bloemendaal Steve, how much has the 5th Generation of Glock enhanced "Perfection"? Solid update, or minor upgrade?
Jacob Franklin Did we get another new IDPA rule book this year?!?
Gabriel Johnson When you are reloading, where should the gun be? Chest height a foot away? Shoulder height foot and a half away? Where should the gun be pointing (if facing downrange)? I dropped 5 mags on 3 of the 4 stages yesterday, you do the math. Still came in fourth though.
A.J. Ellis I've always just used the factory sights on my handguns and it looks like I may need to zero one or two of them. How does one go about adjusting factory fixed sights for windage for best results? Or do I really need to just get adjustable sights if I want to mess with them?
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