The PARAcast
Christmas is over and Tommy has been resurrected from UPS death. So we’re talking guns and answering questions.
Jason Hunnicutt Any suggestions on how NOT to forget important stuff on match day. Do any of you use a checklist?
Richard Clare Do you take an off season break no matter what or only if you feel like it? I usually do but this year I have no such desire. Does it help you or hurt you?
Ben Dariano Hand wear options for shooting in the cold? Do you wear thick gloves until your up, then shoot, then put them back on? Thoughts on extended slide stops and mag releases on match guns?
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UPS finally killed Tommy. It was sad. But we still got our packages.
Matt Hemple I am going to try to make GM this year. But my carry optics CZs keep breaking optics. Should I go back to production or just start golfing.
Steve Jaworski Question 1: Do CZs destroy red dots faster than they destroy slide stops?
Brian Prusse Have you ever got a 223 case stuck in your sizing die? Did you buy a case remover kit or DIY your own kit?
A.J. Ellis If it's not too off topic, what do ya'll think about the Virginia events?
By the way, I picked up a Sig P365 and it's fantastic. Exceptionally small profile for its barrel length and capacity. Fits my had perfectly.
Calvin Leatherwood Shooting wishlist, a top 3 things you’d ask for no matter the price.
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It’s below freezing in Utah. Robert is probably dead. But we soldiered  on and are answering all the hottest questions you have this week!


Maximus Hypicus I'm  moving to Utah (Provo area) from Denver. Where are the USPSA, IDPA,  STEEL, (Bowiling Pin, it's a long shot) Matches,  in the area? Thanks.


Jeff Lambert Currently  healing from a knee replacement and I find that I am trying to shoot  faster to make up for my physical disability. This is leading to a lot  of alpha then Charlie’s mikes or delta’s.  What are some good drills for  shooting cadence and shooting on the move.

Chris Lokey Anyone  have experience with The SCAR? Any regrets purchasing it? Any reloading  experience? Got a chance to get a good price on one. Ammo is a bitch  price wise.
And what are each on of y'alls Christmas wishes this year? And what are you hopeful for in the New Year.

Sebastian Muñoz It's  Single Stack Winter!!!  I mean nose-dive winter.  How do I eliminate  nose-dives?  Please don't tell me about polishing my feed ramp.

Richard Clare Best press for running multiple calibers. (Owning a separate 750 press for each caliber not an option)

Douglas Dalske Anyone going to get that new DAA primer tube filler?

Chris Potts Did  the new flare did fix Steve issue with bullets seating crooked?  I was  betting on a case flaring issue but I missed it if he gave an update.


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Are you taking your matches to seriously? Do you feel overwhelmed at work? Well we can help with that on the PARAcast.
Questions From The Show:
Gabriel Johnson Hey, what's the best way to get in the habit of using weak hand more in gripping. I tend to overpower the strong hand, any magic sauce to help or just suck less?
Chad Strickland Tom, talk me through the differences between wet tumbling and dry tumbling your brass. I have a wet tumbler in the Amazon cart but need to know if it is worth it.
Calvin Leatherwood Going to start a training log both for live and dry fire. What things would you log? Times for drills and hits on target? Par times and drills used in dry fire? Thanks!
Jeromy Camp What all do you guys use for hearing protection during the match?
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The guys all got together to shoot a match yesterday. Steve decides he was going to go full gangsta, but old age took over and he forgot what he was doing..
Questions from the Show:
Chris Lokey If I shoot with PCC in 45 caliber, and decide to shoot the next match in 10mm Hand Of God, is that like dividing by zero? Will a vortex portal open and take me to the Hell I deserve? Also what kind of Bedazzle should I adorn my PCC in?
Sebastian Muñoz Steve Koski, tell us how SB132 has changed your life.
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Tom went out to shoot a match win his #singlestackwinter and the club single stack hero changed divisions to shoot his 1911 in “production”.
Calvin Leatherwood: What did you think of the DQ video I sent?
Nick Coronel Does attendance affect what division you shoot? There were only three guys in production at my local match today, all of us C class, and this seems to be a trend. For some reason it feels less interesting than when there’s a higher level shooter to chase. I have an MOS glock and don’t want to shoot limited or open, so CO would be the obvious choice.
Mark Miller What are your thoughts on a level two match not putting out a match book, does it affect how you prepare for a major match. No stages diagrams, descriptions, just a schedule.
Derk Hopkins How many times Have you all been DQ'd?
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Steve, Tom, and Rob get together and discuss Piña Colodas and Gay Days at Disneyland.

They also talk about guns...

Questions from the Show

    Chris Lokey Any insight into the different areas of USPS mine is area 8. Is there a ranking or is it just that simple?

Kenny Platt Is Utah Kenny going to shoot Single Stack with Idaho Kenny at Area 2 since Idaho Kenny broke his shiny new Limited gun?!?!?!

Jared Michael Major vs minor for general matches single stack. Looking at recent area 1 matches, minor did very well.

Tony Carter What is considered more important in the game Speed or Accuracy?                 PEWPRO10 for 10% off first order

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The guys discuss things that only happen in range bathrooms. And other shooting related mishaps on their way to Nationals

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Kenny comes in second. Steve gets arrested again. Tommy and Robert are left holding the bag.
But you get an extra creepy Dead or Alive. So there's that!
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The guys shot the Utah State Championship match. Kenny crushed people's souls. Robert sold a gun and started shooting another division. Tommy got a reshoot.
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Tommy talks about slapping Steve with his barrel
Kenny crushed some potato farmers dreams
Robert Built another gun
Steve's probably drunk in an airport again

Questions from the show...
Plan B for stage plans
Switching from Iron sights to dots
How to break your gun
Planning acceleration in your stages

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Robert and Tommy start a dumpster fire on the 2a community.

Tommy discusses his camming on Twitch. Go over and give him a watch!

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Support the show and get the extra long and salty version:

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Steve explores two man tactical training while Robert makes fun of poor people.

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Tommy returns and Robert can't seem to get people to stop pointing the gun at him.

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Robert returns to his IDPA roots while suffering symptons related to hypothermia

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Tom returns and brings Utah Kenny Terry with him to talk trash on PCC and the USPS

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Everyone gets together for one final episode while we morn the death of Tom and wish Kenny fair winds and following seas.

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