The PARAcast

Steve, Robert, and Kenny shot a match while Tommy changed his press over to 9mm and threw his single stack away.

 Join us tonight as we talk about politics, cheap alcohol, and also some  spicy shooting related gossip. And we answer your questions. 


K.C. Hutchinson What parts do you recommend to have on hand for single stack

Walter Phelps Who would you go to if you needed a holster made for a slightly obscure pistol?

Steve Jaworski What  would you recommend to engage targets faster when rolling into a new  position?  On video, I’m getting where I need to be with the gun up just  fine.  After that, refining the sight picture and pulling the trigger  is painfully slow.  What’s the deal?

Andrew Fisher Have any of you guys had tendonitis and how did you remain competitive?

Mark Brandau What is the last training breakthrough you feel you've had, and when was it?

Brian Prusse What  drills can help with recoil management? I shot a match this weekend and  worked on nothing but speed and had a lot more penalties because of it.  I don’t want to slow down to get me hits I want to control the recoil  better.
Has anyone on the podcast considered doing short night training classes like Adam Riser does for 3 gun?




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Between shooting in standing water and long checkout lines, the guys shot a match. It was epic.


Nate Osborne If Alex Coco Wendt and Tom H Nelson can't get the squad in front of them to tape and reset, what operant conditioning methods should you use on them?

Derk Hopkins If  a pistol you have been wanting is going to be available soon. Would you  purchase as soon as it becomes available or would you wait to touch and  feel it and listen to the reviews?

Justice-Cynthia Coker What detergents or chemicals do you use when cleaning guns and brass in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Peter Wiktorski Since Virginia keeps pushing for the big igloo to pop off, what preferred camo?  Kryptek or Hawaiian shirt and shorts?

Jacob Franklin Next gun purchase? What will it be?

Klay Grover How about you four shoot a match in production with hi-points.

Kevin Izatt Value powders? Been using tightgroup. Worth looking at something else?

Max Bloemendaal What Area matches would you like to shoot but haven't?



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We went out and shot a match then recorded a show early because Kenny wanted to watch the Super Foosball game:

Levi: New to the podcast and loving it! Thanks guys! Question: I've just started shooting competitions and would like your advice to a new shooter for his first season: realistic expectations and where to concentrate to improve the fastest (I'm shooting limited)? Sidenote: I already had the realization after a couple episodes of the paracast that my first ever match I was squaded with THE Mr. Tom Nelson. I could not scroll back through episodes fast enough to hear his match breakdown and "colorful" description of me and the other first time shooters that day. Let's just say, I was not disappointed. :-)

David "The Humble Marksman" Blanton: Question for the show if I don’t see the post go out in time - what makes a level 2 match special (within reason)? What is the minimum expectation and what would take it to the next level from a shooters experience?

Daniel Lutz Have you played with the difference between 124 and 147gr ammo in production. What pros and cons did you decide on. I have been loading 147gr heads for 2 years now and keep wondering if I want to try 124gr. I know there will not be a world of difference but seeking opinions.
Mark Miller Going to put on a 8-9 stage pro am match later this year, any thoughts on pro am, do you like shooting it, any suggestions. We are using 15/mag. Keep up the good work
Jeremy Curnutte Not sure if it’s too late for a show question, but just bought a 1050 with a mark 7 off armslist. Any must haves that I need to get?
Max Bloemendaal What stage-styles, equipment and rules would you combine to make a shooting Superbowl? With the result being the best overall shooter in the world?
John B. Holbrook Now for a legitimate question. Since we’re in the off-season, I think it’s been a while since each of you has talked about your EDC, to include your CCW choices/options.

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