The PARAcast
The Humble Marksmen joins us tonight
Walter Phelps Not wanting to shoot limited minor with a p226 sao, how similar is the 320 x5? Ignoring the hammer vs striker ofc.
Matt Hemple Got a question for Kenny. When you made GM. Did it make you practice harder. Since I made it I've been practicing even more
Jared Michael How to get better at long range pistol shooting? 25 yard etc.
JD Tree Why don't his Glocks shoot left like everyone else's?
Jeromy Camp Any thoughts on using a .22lr pistol for live fire training instead of regular match gun some of the time?
Michael Boisson Is the Shadow 2 the best production gun ever?
Derk Hopkins If there was a State VS State USPSA competition Who would be on the team if there was a Team Utah? One person in each division to represent Utah. And back up if you don't want to name just one.
Calvin Leatherwood On a budget, 2011 or the DWX in 40? I know its not out yet but is it a viable option for limited?
Ryan Reid How do you stay so humble? Is Georgia or Texas more awesome, and what exactly makes you say Georgia?
Tyler Turner If dots make you shoot better, why have you gone backwards since you strayed from the Lord's division?
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Unlike Area 1, we're always on.. Well, except for Steve. He's a bit water logged from drinking all the natty ice. So it's Kenny, Tom and Robert tonight.
Ruben Garcia I’ll be shooting my first Nats this year, any recommendations on how to prepare?
David Blanton Odds that nationals happens with COVID resurgence
Chris Lokey Wanted to say how awesome it was That Kenny started a new shooter club. Wish them all the success.
Brandon Boyd From your experience what makes a fun and interesting stage?
Gabriel Johnson What is the best option for slowing down entering a position? Big slowing steps like Charlie Perez teaches? Or, Flutter steps like JJ Racaza?
Mark Miller Best static drills, unable to run around (recovery from surgery) but i can stand and shoot.
Nate Osborne Likely you listened to the interview on practical shooting after dark with the area 2 director. I would be interested to hear your opinions on some of the topics they discussed. Should you be required to be a USPSA member to shoot matches? Should USPSA HQ be doing any more for local club's, marketing, etc.? Or are you happy with the current situation? What were your thoughts on seeing USPSA as a business? Should they be more actively marketing and trying to expand the sport? I just found the entire show to be very interesting, and wondered if you all had any thoughts on the topics.
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Tom and Steve went all Make Ready Podcast. So Kenny and Robert who love you more decided to record a show on their own.

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The guys shot a match. Then went to protest and things got out of hand. Needless to say the Rooftop Koreans had to get involved.

Richard Ingram Eric Gruffel says anything other than an Alpha on an open target shooting minor is unacceptable. Discuss.
Sebastian Muñoz @Steve Koski, how do you make a decision on which beer to buy? I always hear about cost/ounce/abv . . . can you nerd out and talk about your calculation method?
Steven Stewart Thinking of picking up a CZ TSO in 40, what spare parts should I have on hand? Or wait for the DWX...
Sean Edmunds Has Tommy tried his M&P 2.0 barrel in his wife’s M&P? Could he? Thinking about buying one to try in my 2008 M&P.
Wyatt John McNeill Serious question: Why do each of you shoot? What is the reason? Is there a end goal?
Kenneth Lamotte In y'all's opinion which movie has the most realistic gun play? Also m&p 2.0 or canik tp9sfx?
Ryan Zelachoski When you melt the fiber in the front sight, do you leave a big dot or small? Great show! Thanks.
Max Bloemendaal FYI, in the movie “Rush Hour” everyone uses a Beretta 92.
Douglas Dalske what's everyone's preferred energy delivery system prior to the match?
Justin Johnston What does Tom recommend for single stack gear? And is he ready to sell his rig for cheap since he is back in bed with his ole 90-two?
Ed Jackson The Rona pretty much screwed 2020, I haven’t shot a match since 7 Mar...should I just hang it up and liquidate all my gear, or ease my way back in?

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