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The guys did a show while Robert was in Florida. So it's probably good!

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This week while Kenny went hunting, and Steve tried to fix his leaking pipes, Tom and Robert shot a match together for the first time all year. Along the way they discussed shooting, USPSA, and how many helicopters it takes to make a good communist! Join us tonight as we start dumpster fires and comment on the upcoming USPSA nationals next week in Florida. Oh wait.. same thing.
Sean Edmunds Tommy’s thoughts on the new aluminum P326... er umm P320 I mean.
Sebastian Muñoz All the common guns have been cleaned out of stock everywhere, but there is plenty of derringers, NAA revolvers, large frame revolvers in .454 casull, ruger wranglers, lever action rifles, etc. Whatever is available in the used market is going for exorbitant prices. What stupid fun gun would you buy that is available in these times? I'm thinking a lever action in .38 might be fun.
Walter Phelps I’ve found myself in general disinterested in picking up my pistol of late. I keep going to my precision rifle to do dry fire and work on positioning.
How do you guys stay interested in pistols/uspsa when the going gets rough?
Derk Hopkins The Only Question. Did Roberts gun run for the entire match?
Thomas Everett Hudson Is it time to start shooting Rimfire Steel Plate Challenge? What 22 pistol do you like? Browning BuckMark, Ruger 22/45, Volquartsen? What’s the hotness?
David Blanton Why is Tom still a peasant shooting plastic guns when he has berettas?
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