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Tom and Robert are joined by Adam Riser to talk about the new PCSL league headed up by Max Leograndis

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Robert escaped from the communist backed country of California so we’re going to do a show today. Hurray for freedom!

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We’re doing a show. You know what we’re going to talk about…
But we’re also going to talk about some other things. Like, guns. And the best guns to slot pedos with, err shoot matches with. Silly slip of the tongue 🤷‍♀️
I guess we should also talk about Tommy’s new spaghetti blaster too. So there’s that
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Steve and Tommy shot a match. One had a dot and the other looked at irons. Kenny was with his brother and Robert worked around the house.. Cause it's the off season...
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We’re going to do a show. We’ll talk about lots of stuff. But mostly about what you ask us..

Special bonus for Rittenhouse questions.

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We’re doing another show. I don’t know what we’re going to talk about. Supposedly there is some guy named Brandon the country is excited about. 🤷‍♀️

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With Flashlight Nationals in full swing, it seems people actually are shooting with lights (out of necessity)

We’re doing a show today. Steve and tommy went and shot some IDPA while Robert went out and bought another gun.

So we’ll talk about that and whatever questions you may have for our intrepid trio today!

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Coming back off a whirlwind tour of area 4 and Georgia state, Robert is back and brought with him a new friend named Rona.

Steve and Tommy are still trying to figure out which end of the optic to look through.

Kenny meanwhile has a new side project to get primer money. Hit him up on his only fans site and throw him a few bucks: Username chunkylover57

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Apparently something happened at area 5. So we’ll talk about that. Robert’s going to be going to Oklahoma and then Georgia to shoot some things. So we may talk about that too..

Paracast Podcast Telegram Channel

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Lots of things happened since we last did a show… we all shot a match, kenny started working on his deck, Robert continued to tell the president to get bent, Chipman’s nomination got pulled.

So we’re going to do a show. It will be a fun show. The best show. You can pretty much ask anyone you know and they will agree.

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Robert went to area 8 and got stuck in Chicago overnight. Steve and Tommy shot the superduper shoot. Basically we did a bunch of stuff for once. So we decided to record a show.
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We’re doing a show. Odds are strong we’re going to talk about Foley and his impending removal.

But we’ll also answer questions. But only good ones. Actually that’s not true. We answer all of them.

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Robert went to Area 3 and forgot his stage plan. Tommy bought some new magazines. Steve got lost in a canyon and didn't show up. Kenny is still working. But some of us like you enough to record a show!

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So.. Tommy didn’t die. I guess we got that going for us.. What we lack in production values we make up by not quitting. That's a win, right?

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Kenny broke a gun but still managed to take 2nd at Bighorn. Robert saw the stages and changed divisions to CO. Tommy got a new light. Steve is lost in the mountains. But we recorded a show. So there!

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It’s episode 300 for the Paracast. We were going to do a giant clip show, but then Robert remembered he would have to do that work and he’s seriously not gots the time for that.


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Back by not so popular demand.. we’re doing a show. So you can ask questions. Cause questions are cool. Just like you!


Will 2 gun become a thing in USPSA?

Any thoughts/experience with quality form 1 suppressor kits? JK Armament and the like?

Does wanting a PCC make me Gay? Just asking for a friend.

In your opinion, If I wanted to get into open what builders should I be looking at?

In your opinion, If I wanted to get into open what builders should I be looking at?

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Well at 4:30 mountain we will be recording a show for you all. What will the questions be? Should USPSA start a slap fighting division? Do match officials need to wear body cameras to document interactions? Is your club switching to IPSC?

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Steve and Robert shot a local match. JJ got fraked at nationals. The President supposedly got into a fight with someone in front of sponsors. Robert finally built a 56 ounce Thanos gun. We don’t know what happened to Tommy. 



-With all the new rule changes how do people still manage to get bumped to open at Locap nats?

-If USPSA wanted to make some rule changes that actually mattered, what should they do about poppers, if anything?

-If any of you were to seek out a training course for competition shooting who would you take it from? And why?

-What are your thoughts on Silicone Carbide? I’m thinking about doing this to my Gen 5 G17 after talking to people about it over stippling a frame.

-At what point does it make it not worth it to go to a local match that you know will just be stand and shoots and crappy stages?

-At what point does it make it not worth it to go to a local match that you know will just be stand and shoots and crappy stages?

-How many in the super squad had frame weights, I mean flashlights?  is where you get the battery weights


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So I guess we going to record a show. I know.. shocking.
What’s not so shocking is we also answer questions. Preferably the ones about how to attract more “timmies” to USPSA. Or some other BS reason HQ makes up to get more money out of the membership without doing anything of value for the org..
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Talking about how some clubs follow rules. And others use them as a cautionary tale.

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Robert shot a “not a cop” match. Kenny got his shift schedule changed. Tommy and steve probably did some things too.

What major matches are you planning on shooting this year?
What are some good low round count drills to learn a new gun?
Experience with 80% pistol lowers/Fcu’s
I’m looking to get a suppressor for my AR. What suppressors do you you have experience with and recommend?
What is your preferred load for 185 grain 45 acp?

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We’re going to talk about a couple articles from last week including this one:
We are also answering question. And since you are here on telegram, we’ll answer them first. Because you’re the bestest
Alex Mansfield
Did you guys murder the Perfect Double Podcast? If so I say we bring back Kenny Platt.
Calvin Leatherwood
Building a second rig for CO. I have a holster (RHT) and belt. I need suggestions for mag pouches. Thinking about bullets out vs bullets forward
Lex Konishi
Do two wrongs make a right? If so, what is the long game?
Sean Edmunds
Would there be any benefit to dry fire practicing transitions with a dumbbell say 5 pounds? I know it still wouldn’t be as heavy as Robert’s Shadow, but I’m wondering if getting that kind of mass moving and stopping where you want would be beneficial or if it would just throw off timing with an actual gun.
Alex Mansfield
When is it long enough to wait to tell your friend to stop checking every case to see it the primer was seating when loading they load progressively?
Collin Lewis
What will be the best match to attend this year and why is it 2 gun nationals with time plus scoring?
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Somewhere between us losing 35 minutes of the show, and now... Well you're still getting a show. So there.

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Two truths and a lie...
There is a football game today.
We are recording a show.
Joe and Kamala aren't corrupt
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Join us this week as we watch IDPA take the brakes off the rail cart speeding down the track to obscurity!

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Some of us survived the Purge. So we decided to record a show.

Ask us questions if you want. Or not. The most controversial questions get Tommy's new Telegram account...

Richard Ingram

How good can you get just dry firing and saving ammo/primers for matches?

Peter Wiktorski

What  lake should I avoid in the coming weeks?  I want to be sure that there  are not too many "boating accidents" creating an artificial reef.

Sean Edmunds

How come you guys aren’t coming to NC for Area 6?

Thomas Everett Hudson

What  the hell are we about to get ourselves into? You thought 2020 was bad,  here comes 2021. How do we recover from this great divide?

Sebastian Muñoz

What do you guys think about Wheaton barrels?  A buddy of mine dropped one in and got about 3 jams on unload and show clear.

Couldn't eject live round.  My advice was to not mess with the glock perfection.  Any advice on how to fix issue?

Marshall Kear

With  the prices primers are selling for at auction sites, have you  considered selling any? I’m seriously weighing how long I think it will  be before or if the shortage is over vs making a small fortune.

Derk Hopkins

How do you guys pack for an air travel match?   What do you bring with?

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So, while the Big Tech is rounding up the undesirables and kicking them off the all the large platforms (Discord, Google, Facebook, Twitter) in a direct attack on the 1st amendment your new House of Representatives is readying the attack on the 2nd. HR 127 is what they want to get done. Help us fight HR 121,125,127,130,and 167 by contacting your Congressman.
Post your questions below for this weeks episode, Then join us on Parler @paracast so we can move to a more tolerant platform.
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We  are recording a show today! If you have questions or hot takes let us  hear them. And remember competition or no competition you are a winner!

Derk Hopkins

when are we going to have indoor matchs again?

Alex Coco Wendt

Your thoughts on offset red dots on a AR

Kepler Kramer

I have this bad rash on my junk, can Robert take a look?

Trevor Toone

To kilt or not to kilt? What is your answer?

What weight of "Captains of Crush" can Kenny close.

Lex Konishi

Bear market on gun sales... Anti-gunners new tactic?... buy all the guns and ammo so no one can have them?

CJ Daniel

If  each person could only have one pistol for the rest of their life, what  would it be.  Not one “model” or “series”, but one single serial number  pistol.  It’s all you’d have for CCW, competition, zombies, coming war  with commies...

Klay Grover

How  about the elephant in the room. A couple of weeks ago it was like daddy  hit mommy at the dinner table. Are we really gonna all act like it  didn't happen?

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