The PARAcast
As some on USPSA's board try to split from Yee-Min Lin and confidentiality, Tom finds out he can't split, Jared splits a Beretta 1301 LTT, and Robert splits fact from fiction on YML's report. Steve shoots UDPL's match with it's new stage designers.
Also your questions from Telegram! (just download Telegram and search PARAcastpodcast)
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A3 Director Scott Arnburg answers our questions and sheds some much needed light on the leadership of USPSA
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Yee-Min drama continues! Lex and Jon join Tom and Robert to discuss the response to the form letter sent out to the board and then try to apply the "smell test" to the boards actions.
Appendix- The Board could have nothing to do with this and it could all allegedly be DNROI acting alone and the board might be trying to clean it up.
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We discuss Jared's cop match, Tom's every growing feeling of being right too early and the removal of USPSA president Yee-Min Lin and what you can do about it.
We have a form letter you can send to
Dear Members of the Board,
I am writing to express my concern about the removal of President Yee-Min Lin's R.O. certification by NROI. It troubles me that an elected official who won a clear majority of the vote could be removed from office due to a certification issue under the sole discretion of DNROI. Mr. Lin has worked hundreds of matches, a trait that a volunteer organization should value. There appear to be contradicting issues that make this seem like an issue of politics rather than good ethical judgment.
I have the following questions for you:
1. What was the reason for the removal of his certification?
2. Will you impartially hear his appeal before May 1st?
3. How many RO certifications have been removed in the past five years?
4. Why does Mel Rodero still hold an elected office, while Mr. Lin has been removed?
5. What bylaw gives the BOD the ability to make an exception for one of their own?
I implore the members of the board to reinstate Mr. Lin and revise the bylaws for RO decertification for board members to prevent abuse from DNROI.
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Par-time stages, blood letting, Dave Blanton and breast milk are the hot topics tonight! That's why this is your number fun shooting podcast you download.
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Tom, Robert, Steve, Jared and YeeMin recorded a show and talked DQ's and how to defend yourself from robberies gone bad.
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Only one poor fool decided he wanted to do a show. The rest are either in jail or drunk. Sorry in advance
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