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Short show this week. Tom and Steve shot the WDSA Utah State IDPA match. Robert drove down to help staff the Berry's Red Rock Rumble.

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Tom drops his gun but picks up a lot of match points. Robert "dry-squibs" so he cleans his gun and Kenny seeks for more match separation. Show Sponsors:
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 Kenny joins us to talk about his Utah State Match and his hunting expedition (Patreon) Tom gets his silencer and Robert finds his inner demons because of some bad stages. Last but not least YML joins us to talk about the USPSA lawsuit  and the current USPSA issues. Show Sponsors:

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PARAcast 380 "The Misery Pit"

Utah State is here and  Jon Bautista, Kevin Izatt join Tom, Robert, and Steve to talk about the match and why Jon hates new shooters. We hit on the stages and how great the match went. We also cover a DQ, stage design and match flow.Show Sponsors:

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Fast Drills, Shadow 2 Compact, and Committees. Robert builds Utah State, Jared tries to win a gun he doesn't want and Tom's in low key vindicated.
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Tom shoots IDPA and SLPSA while Robert makes mental errors and Jared accidently wins open with someone else's gun. SLPSA runs a two day match. The Friday team gets to do chores and watch drama, while the Saturday team gets a 3 hour match. How do you fix clubs and enforce the rules? Find out on this week's PARAcast.
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Tommy hurt his back. Jared did some cool things with alphabet boys. I think Kenny is dead

So you are stuck with Robert. Apologies in advace. He talks a lot. And rambles. It's probably the ADHD. 



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Between Stereo talk and the proper way to cook bacon, most of the guys became lifers in the penal institution called USPSA.


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Well the temperatures rises and so did your dues. We talk about dot occluding on the Patreon side. Then we try to figure out why USPSA keeps trying to rid itself of members and goodwill. We answer your questions about what to do for Major Matches over multiple days and resale value of competition guns.
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Robert and Tommy talk with YeeMin about the USPSA Election and what plans and options exist for regaining the presidency.
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Tom and Robert enjoy each others company at the latest SLPSA match while Jared teaches another class and Steve drops a mag and then the proverbial ball at the IDPA. We hit on Dot Training, Steel Challenge and DNROI questions. Also we learn how to pronounce Arredondo!
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The boys shoot a Glock only match without Kenny because he's had to volunteer and sand for 8 hours. Steve shoots a great match and Jared comes out on top. Robert regains his appreciation for the Glock 19. Tom's does his Glock accuracy test and we talk about getting pistols to return to the original point of aim.
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Jared fights around cars and finds out he's way too tall, and that booty won't get low. Robert unscrews his neighbor quickly and cheaply and Tom relives the Bush era hand guns with fondness.
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Tom sells his Canik, shoots a PDP, Robert match is was a dumpster fire in more ways than one, Kenny turns the show into American Gladiators and Jared can't teach the unteachable.
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Steve gives his dad in law a flinch, Robert says the F word a lot, Kenny says nothing and Tom taste test hotdogs. What the cuss is this Badger talkin' about on this week's PARAcast.
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Dutiful Tom and Robert show up for a whole show once again.  Jared has other plans or a migraine, and Kenny and Steve think better of it. That being said Robert gets a Prodigy and Jared shoots a TTI Pit Viper and we discuss lubrication.


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Migraines and better things to do leave Tom and Robert with no other choice but to invite Dave Blanton ( The Humble Marksman ) to fill in. Robert gains sympathy for RMs, Tom reaches his AWIB goal and Dave flexes hard on the poors. Also some of your questions from Telegram.
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Kenny's back with no turkeys. If this was Oregon Trail we would all be dead, but in our last hours Tom buys a Canik Rival S, Robert breaks down the board minutes and Steve is the last of irons Dinosaurs but wins limited.
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As some on USPSA's board try to split from Yee-Min Lin and confidentiality, Tom finds out he can't split, Jared splits a Beretta 1301 LTT, and Robert splits fact from fiction on YML's report. Steve shoots UDPL's match with it's new stage designers.
Also your questions from Telegram! (just download Telegram and search PARAcastpodcast)
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A3 Director Scott Arnburg answers our questions and sheds some much needed light on the leadership of USPSA
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Yee-Min drama continues! Lex and Jon join Tom and Robert to discuss the response to the form letter sent out to the board and then try to apply the "smell test" to the boards actions.
Appendix- The Board could have nothing to do with this and it could all allegedly be DNROI acting alone and the board might be trying to clean it up.
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We discuss Jared's cop match, Tom's every growing feeling of being right too early and the removal of USPSA president Yee-Min Lin and what you can do about it.
We have a form letter you can send to
Dear Members of the Board,
I am writing to express my concern about the removal of President Yee-Min Lin's R.O. certification by NROI. It troubles me that an elected official who won a clear majority of the vote could be removed from office due to a certification issue under the sole discretion of DNROI. Mr. Lin has worked hundreds of matches, a trait that a volunteer organization should value. There appear to be contradicting issues that make this seem like an issue of politics rather than good ethical judgment.
I have the following questions for you:
1. What was the reason for the removal of his certification?
2. Will you impartially hear his appeal before May 1st?
3. How many RO certifications have been removed in the past five years?
4. Why does Mel Rodero still hold an elected office, while Mr. Lin has been removed?
5. What bylaw gives the BOD the ability to make an exception for one of their own?
I implore the members of the board to reinstate Mr. Lin and revise the bylaws for RO decertification for board members to prevent abuse from DNROI.
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Par-time stages, blood letting, Dave Blanton and breast milk are the hot topics tonight! That's why this is your number fun shooting podcast you download.
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Tom, Robert, Steve, Jared and YeeMin recorded a show and talked DQ's and how to defend yourself from robberies gone bad.
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Only one poor fool decided he wanted to do a show. The rest are either in jail or drunk. Sorry in advance
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Tom, Robert, YeeMin, and Jared got together to talk about some cool things. But we didn't record that. So you'll just have to listen about matches, steel challenge, burnout and other random walks down USPSA.
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Tommy is driving trucks. Kenny Robert and Steve shot matches. Guess who had more fun!
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Tommy joins us from the bathroom and we talk about all sorts of things that otherwise should be flushed down the drain with the latest board minutes


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We talk shooting, minutes, mp5's and we also have YeeMin on to discuss things...
Sorry about the Audio... YeeMin was standing inside a wind tunnel. I tried to fix it...
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While Kenny was trying to figure out the dope on his rifle to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon, Steve was trying to convince him it was merely his friends remote weather station.

Tommy on the other hand helped teach a class while Robert had to babysit Tommy in the freezing cold.

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I guess we’re going to do a show. Because we have to. We can talk about anything. Well almost anything.
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Between Shot Show and freezing in arctic temperatures, the guys still decided to shoot a match. It was a bad decision.

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Join us tonight where we get together and talk about the greatest injustice and infringement on our lives ever put forth by governing body.. Limited Optics.
Oh we’ll also talk about the dog killers and what they did too.
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We talk all about Traps. And DQ's. Which naturally takes us to PCC division.
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New year new divisions and new guns!
We got the old crew back together again for one more trip around the sun. Or at least another season of the Paracast.
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Jet lagged and possibly hungover, we have YeeMin on the show tonight to discuss the world shoot, lady bois and the dysfunctional family we like to call IPSC.



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Dave Blanton of Humble Marksman fame joins us to talk about his Big Dad Energy. And now we are facing a sexual harassment lawsuit.

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We’re going to talk about Sean’s question of production. But we’ll also answer questions. But only the good ones. Not those “what are you wearing?” kind of questions joe…
Link to the Enos post from Charlie Perez:
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Some trained for SWAT. Some shot a match. And other just chromed out a pimp gun...

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We talk about Nationals, Impact hammers, shooting open and Robert's thinking of getting a chromed out pimp gun.

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Tommy and Stevo got their IDPA jackets on and decided to shoot a match. Steve shot boomer bifocal division and Tommy wasn’t competition. Robert still has principles and didn’t shoot IDPA. for really cool followers Paragroup10 for 10% off



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Finally at 341 Episodes, the Paracast has recorded more shows then the Gun Dudes..

I guess we’re going to do another show today. So there’s that…

On the plus side, we’ve got Jared the not a cop, and House of speed and Disease, Jon Bautista..

Some of the guys shot a night match. Robert and Jon shot Tennessee and The Carolina Classic. Kenny is shooting the Red Rock Rumble.. and someone got banned..

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Well it's another Sunday which means your favorite podcast has a new episode and so does the PARAcast.

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Join us today on USPSA's only certified podcast. If it's not up to your standards you still have to say it was. We also will answer your questions and try to make some of you laugh.

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Today we will got together and recorded a show. Ask Kenny about his practice, Tom about his dry fire, Steve about his trip to South America and Robert about his ATF preparedness plan.

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Everyone shot a match. And then Tommy got sick. But we talk about the wonder gun lubes people are always pushing... Because we care

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We talk about area 5. People getting suspended. Shooting.
Oh and we had the house of speed Jon Bautista on.
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We talk about the Dickens Drill, suppressors and how much fun USPSA actually is

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Kenny and Robert shot SLPSA. Steve went hiking and met yogi bear. Tommy contracted with UPS and agreed to keep all the packages they stole from gun companies.
But because we love you, we are doing another show.
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I don't know... Something happened. Tommy edited it. Good Luck and go with God.

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So we’re back. I know you thought we were dead. But we were only mostly dead…
Steve Tom and Robert are doing a show. They're talking all things Cameo, Nationals, and other shooting things...
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We talk about American Patriot Marv Heemeyer, 9mm Lung Removers, and Kenny's 24lb tank rifle.

Direct download: Do_it_for_Marv_Ep_330.mp3
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New week new show. Because we love you.. or something like that. Steve and Kenny have decided to come in the show this week.. so that’s a win.
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Hopkins dropped out of the race. Robert got into a fight with the Range Master. Kenny shot a suppressed rifle. And we have Alex Mansfield on from the Manny Talks Shooting Podcast!

Direct download: Tranny_Walks_Shoestring_Ep_328.mp3
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We talk about the Black Rifle match, and the insolvency of USPSA, and Kenny's second place at Bighorn...

Direct download: Moving_toward_Financial_Instability_Ep_327.mp3
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Tom and Robert shot a match. Tom won CO. Robert won production. Guess who’s division had the most people in it..

Join us tonight as we talk all things USPSA, shooting, Jake’s marketing budget, and answer questions! Jared the cop will also be on to answer all of your doggo related questions.

Direct download: LIttle_PPs_for_the_Cops_Match_Ep_326.mp3
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Kenny and Tommy shot a match. Robert babysat another newbie squad. Steve was missing. We couldn’t find him.
But he’s going to come on the show today and we’re going to talk about all the cool things in shooting. Along the way we will answer questions.
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Tommy is selling a gun to some shady person. But we're still doing a show. Because why not.

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So.. we wanted to interview all the good candidates for USPSA president.

When that fell through, we decided to have YeeMin Lin on the show.

You should ask questions. It will be fun. Or interesting. Well it will be a show 😂

Direct download: YeeMin_for_Chinese_Russian_Collusion_and_USPSA_President._Ep323.mp3
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The guys have been busy arranging transportation to undisclosed foreign countries. But they’re getting together to do a show and answer questions. So you should probably ask all the cool questions before they end up in some foreign jail cell..
Mostly they're going to talk about the "new" but not really new division..
Direct download: More_Division_Ep_322.mp3
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We have Charlie Perez on to talk about his book 'Path of Focused Effort. A Learning Guide for Practical Shooting.'

Direct download: Anti-Tank_Panda_Episode_321.mp3
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Steve sold a car. Robert Shot a match. Tommy bought a suppressor. And Kenny is still updating...

Direct download: Steve_Makes_it_Rain_Episode_320.mp3
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It's Lex's birthday. And since he hates it when people acknowledge it, we as good friends are doing just that.
And we're also talking about what we did in guns. .. Gotta keep some semblance of normalcy.
Direct download: Happy_Birthday_Lex_Episode_319.mp3
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We talk about USPSA, Home defense, lightning links and other fun but slightly sorta questionably legal things
Direct download: Full_Auto_Home_Defense_Episode_318.mp3
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We all decided to shoot a match. Well except koski who was shooting IDPA.
Fun times were had in reasonably cold temperatures. So we decided to get together to talk about it, and all the other gun things we did.
Direct download: 30_Super_Tokarev_Episode_317.mp3
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New Year, New Season!

While everyone is setting new year’s resolutions, we here at the paracast are resolving to do nothing of value this coming year.

On the plus side, we’re still going to do this show. So I guess we have that going for us…

Direct download: Gun_Club_for_Men_Episode_316.mp3
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Tom and Robert are joined by Adam Riser to talk about the new PCSL league headed up by Max Leograndis

Direct download: Fighting_the_Last_War_Episode_315.mp3
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Robert escaped from the communist backed country of California so we’re going to do a show today. Hurray for freedom!

Direct download: ScrewinCast_Episode_314.mp3
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We’re doing a show. You know what we’re going to talk about…
But we’re also going to talk about some other things. Like, guns. And the best guns to slot pedos with, err shoot matches with. Silly slip of the tongue 🤷‍♀️
I guess we should also talk about Tommy’s new spaghetti blaster too. So there’s that
Direct download: International_Rittenhouse_Day_Episode_313.mp3
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Steve and Tommy shot a match. One had a dot and the other looked at irons. Kenny was with his brother and Robert worked around the house.. Cause it's the off season...
Direct download: Shooting_Carry_Optics_with_Iron_Sights_Episode_312.mp3
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We’re going to do a show. We’ll talk about lots of stuff. But mostly about what you ask us..

Special bonus for Rittenhouse questions.

Direct download: Weve_Lost_Enjoy_Your_Saturday_Episode_311.mp3
Category:Firearms -- posted at: 7:33pm MDT

We’re doing another show. I don’t know what we’re going to talk about. Supposedly there is some guy named Brandon the country is excited about. 🤷‍♀️

Direct download: Lets_Go_YeeMin_Episode_310.mp3
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With Flashlight Nationals in full swing, it seems people actually are shooting with lights (out of necessity)

We’re doing a show today. Steve and tommy went and shot some IDPA while Robert went out and bought another gun.

So we’ll talk about that and whatever questions you may have for our intrepid trio today!

Direct download: The_Sound_of_Jareds_Silence_Episode_309_1.mp3
Category:Firearms -- posted at: 6:02pm MDT

Coming back off a whirlwind tour of area 4 and Georgia state, Robert is back and brought with him a new friend named Rona.

Steve and Tommy are still trying to figure out which end of the optic to look through.

Kenny meanwhile has a new side project to get primer money. Hit him up on his only fans site and throw him a few bucks: Username chunkylover57

Direct download: Living_La_Vida_Rona_Episode_308.mp3
Category:Firearms -- posted at: 6:19pm MDT

Apparently something happened at area 5. So we’ll talk about that. Robert’s going to be going to Oklahoma and then Georgia to shoot some things. So we may talk about that too..

Paracast Podcast Telegram Channel

Direct download: USPSAs_John_Edwards_Episode_307.mp3
Category:Firearms -- posted at: 6:36pm MDT

Lots of things happened since we last did a show… we all shot a match, kenny started working on his deck, Robert continued to tell the president to get bent, Chipman’s nomination got pulled.

So we’re going to do a show. It will be a fun show. The best show. You can pretty much ask anyone you know and they will agree.

Direct download: The_Blue_Streak_Episode_306.mp3
Category:Firearms -- posted at: 7:56pm MDT

Robert went to area 8 and got stuck in Chicago overnight. Steve and Tommy shot the superduper shoot. Basically we did a bunch of stuff for once. So we decided to record a show.
Direct download: Death_of_the_King_Episode_305.mp3
Category:Firearms -- posted at: 6:35pm MDT

We’re doing a show. Odds are strong we’re going to talk about Foley and his impending removal.

But we’ll also answer questions. But only good ones. Actually that’s not true. We answer all of them.

Direct download: The_Taliban_of_Podcasting_Episode_304.mp3
Category:Firearms -- posted at: 6:53pm MDT

Robert went to Area 3 and forgot his stage plan. Tommy bought some new magazines. Steve got lost in a canyon and didn't show up. Kenny is still working. But some of us like you enough to record a show!

Direct download: Ken_Changs_Broken_Gun_Episode_303_British.mp3
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So.. Tommy didn’t die. I guess we got that going for us.. What we lack in production values we make up by not quitting. That's a win, right?

Direct download: Covid_Free_since_Episode_301.mp3
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Kenny broke a gun but still managed to take 2nd at Bighorn. Robert saw the stages and changed divisions to CO. Tommy got a new light. Steve is lost in the mountains. But we recorded a show. So there!

Direct download: Future_Womens_Olympic_Champions_Episode_301_it.mp3
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It’s episode 300 for the Paracast. We were going to do a giant clip show, but then Robert remembered he would have to do that work and he’s seriously not gots the time for that.


Direct download: Episode_300_Dang_Were_Old_it.mp3
Category:Firearms -- posted at: 6:50pm MDT


Direct download: Going_Full_Ham_Episode_299.mp3
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Back by not so popular demand.. we’re doing a show. So you can ask questions. Cause questions are cool. Just like you!


Will 2 gun become a thing in USPSA?

Any thoughts/experience with quality form 1 suppressor kits? JK Armament and the like?

Does wanting a PCC make me Gay? Just asking for a friend.

In your opinion, If I wanted to get into open what builders should I be looking at?

In your opinion, If I wanted to get into open what builders should I be looking at?

Direct download: Going_Full_Potato_Episode_298_1.mp3
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Well at 4:30 mountain we will be recording a show for you all. What will the questions be? Should USPSA start a slap fighting division? Do match officials need to wear body cameras to document interactions? Is your club switching to IPSC?

Direct download: TrevorGate_The_Rise_of_YeeMin_it.mp3
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Steve and Robert shot a local match. JJ got fraked at nationals. The President supposedly got into a fight with someone in front of sponsors. Robert finally built a 56 ounce Thanos gun. We don’t know what happened to Tommy. 



-With all the new rule changes how do people still manage to get bumped to open at Locap nats?

-If USPSA wanted to make some rule changes that actually mattered, what should they do about poppers, if anything?

-If any of you were to seek out a training course for competition shooting who would you take it from? And why?

-What are your thoughts on Silicone Carbide? I’m thinking about doing this to my Gen 5 G17 after talking to people about it over stippling a frame.

-At what point does it make it not worth it to go to a local match that you know will just be stand and shoots and crappy stages?

-At what point does it make it not worth it to go to a local match that you know will just be stand and shoots and crappy stages?

-How many in the super squad had frame weights, I mean flashlights?  is where you get the battery weights


Direct download: Trevorgate_attack_of_the_competitors.mp3
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So I guess we going to record a show. I know.. shocking.
What’s not so shocking is we also answer questions. Preferably the ones about how to attract more “timmies” to USPSA. Or some other BS reason HQ makes up to get more money out of the membership without doing anything of value for the org..
Direct download: Doing_it_for_the_Membership_Fees.mp3
Category:Firearms -- posted at: 6:07pm MDT

Talking about how some clubs follow rules. And others use them as a cautionary tale.

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Robert shot a “not a cop” match. Kenny got his shift schedule changed. Tommy and steve probably did some things too.

What major matches are you planning on shooting this year?
What are some good low round count drills to learn a new gun?
Experience with 80% pistol lowers/Fcu’s
I’m looking to get a suppressor for my AR. What suppressors do you you have experience with and recommend?
What is your preferred load for 185 grain 45 acp?

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We’re going to talk about a couple articles from last week including this one:
We are also answering question. And since you are here on telegram, we’ll answer them first. Because you’re the bestest
Alex Mansfield
Did you guys murder the Perfect Double Podcast? If so I say we bring back Kenny Platt.
Calvin Leatherwood
Building a second rig for CO. I have a holster (RHT) and belt. I need suggestions for mag pouches. Thinking about bullets out vs bullets forward
Lex Konishi
Do two wrongs make a right? If so, what is the long game?
Sean Edmunds
Would there be any benefit to dry fire practicing transitions with a dumbbell say 5 pounds? I know it still wouldn’t be as heavy as Robert’s Shadow, but I’m wondering if getting that kind of mass moving and stopping where you want would be beneficial or if it would just throw off timing with an actual gun.
Alex Mansfield
When is it long enough to wait to tell your friend to stop checking every case to see it the primer was seating when loading they load progressively?
Collin Lewis
What will be the best match to attend this year and why is it 2 gun nationals with time plus scoring?
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Somewhere between us losing 35 minutes of the show, and now... Well you're still getting a show. So there.

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Two truths and a lie...
There is a football game today.
We are recording a show.
Joe and Kamala aren't corrupt
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Join us this week as we watch IDPA take the brakes off the rail cart speeding down the track to obscurity!

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Some of us survived the Purge. So we decided to record a show.

Ask us questions if you want. Or not. The most controversial questions get Tommy's new Telegram account...

Richard Ingram

How good can you get just dry firing and saving ammo/primers for matches?

Peter Wiktorski

What  lake should I avoid in the coming weeks?  I want to be sure that there  are not too many "boating accidents" creating an artificial reef.

Sean Edmunds

How come you guys aren’t coming to NC for Area 6?

Thomas Everett Hudson

What  the hell are we about to get ourselves into? You thought 2020 was bad,  here comes 2021. How do we recover from this great divide?

Sebastian Muñoz

What do you guys think about Wheaton barrels?  A buddy of mine dropped one in and got about 3 jams on unload and show clear.

Couldn't eject live round.  My advice was to not mess with the glock perfection.  Any advice on how to fix issue?

Marshall Kear

With  the prices primers are selling for at auction sites, have you  considered selling any? I’m seriously weighing how long I think it will  be before or if the shortage is over vs making a small fortune.

Derk Hopkins

How do you guys pack for an air travel match?   What do you bring with?

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