The PARAcast
Day 376ish of the quarantine. Tom is still brown santa. Robert has resorted to setting up backyard field courses. Kenny has switched to production. Steve has gone full joe exotic and is now looking for drugs and a tiger.
But some things stay the same. They’re going to record another show. And with the help of you cool cats and sardine soaked kittens, they’ll answer all the questions you may have! Especially the ones about the guns and matches they aren’t shooting.
Robert C. Moreno What are your thoughts on the Trijicon SRO? Is it worth the extra cost over a Delta Point Pro? I'm thinking of throwing it on a X-5 Legion and shooting Carry Optics.
Douglas Dalske How often do ipsc targets show up at your local matches back when we all use to be able to shoot matches. I'm Considering ordering a case of them for practice. Since you do see them at majors just never at my local matches. Good idea or just stick to USPSA targets?
Chris Lokey How many days has Koski been in withdrawal from lack of Natty Ice? Has he passed the stages of shivers and breaking isolation in search of that sweet sweet nectar? Only to find that there is none? Does he wonder the streets while sad Hulk music plays in the background?
Olaf Styrbjörn (Just Olaf). The past six months I am the only one who shows up in Production. I am debating putting together a CO slide for my G34 so I have people to compete against. Is this a good idea or am I better off buying a complete other gun?
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