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Tommy and Robert get together to discuss a question that came in from a couple listeners to the show.

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Continuing the great primer shortage of 2020, Robert spent the week looking for more primers. Tommy in the other hand cursed all the online shoppers as he worked until 11pm every night.
How can a gun run 100% through a 200 round practice session only to choke on the first stage of a match two days later. This has happened twice to me.
What are your thoughts on the ATF P80 raid and subsequent end user questioning?
If Dillon made a machine that allowed you to reload and reuse primers, how much do you think it would cost? And how dangerous would it be to operate?
I know that you have done "single stack off season" competition in the past, but have you ever spent time competing with sub compact or any of the more popular EDC pistols?
What kind of snacks can we leave? What’s the best options?
Do UPS drivers like it when people leave snacks for you? What are the best kind of snacks?
With the lack of ammo/components what do you think next seasons matches will look like? Were already discussing round counts for next year. Doing more IPSC style stages.
What are you looking forward to most about the Great Primer Shortage of 2021?
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What we lack in substance, we make up in consistency.. Join us tonight as we discuss the week in guns, Turkeys, creative ways to rig the vote process against your wife to get a majority of people voting in favor of you getting a new gun... Oh and questions. We answer those too. Especially the really good ones. None of that 'Why is the failure of management related to the slow death of IDPA?' kind of questions!
Has anyone actually seen a Gen 5 40 caliber gun? I know 40 is somehow only effective in punching paper but some still believe it works for self defense.
What new gun did you get? What new gun should I get?
Any advice on finding a level 3 holster for a Beretta 92x with a TLR-1HD? Safarilands holster finder sucks balls.
I’m looking to grab a 92x. I’m sure that it has been discussed but is there any reason not to get a decocker only model?
Are Biden’s cognitive abilities the only thing diminishing faster than IDPA membership?
Have you guys considered having ‘big clouds’ come back for a second episode of ReloadCast?
Alex Mansfield
Here’s a few questions for the show: If you were USPSA king for a day what would you change? and why? Besides changing magazine capacity like stated in past shows what would you change in Carry Optics if anything?
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Kenny  shot a match, and the Kenosha kid got out on bail. So I guess we have  some things to talk about. Unless you have some great questions to  distract us from the National dumpster fire!


David Blanton

Does anything at a USPSA match complain more than a short left handed production shooter?

Sean Edmunds

It’s  going to make great pod but... Robert as a lefty shooting revo how did  you set up your belt? Loaders under your strong hand?

Douglas Dalske

Robert,  How did you get the armory to let you hold "classes" at the range? I  have a local indoor range that I'd like to do the same thing at.

Dutch Brogoitti

show is over but let's talk badges!

Dutch Brogoitti

Shadow 2 or Beretta elite LTT?

Glen Weeks

How to design a off season training plan

Nate Osborne

What is the best thing USPSA has done this year? And why is it online participation trophies or branded jackets?

Carla Masco

Automate a 650?  I've heard good things and bad.  Opinions?

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While Tommy finalized his preparations for the impending societal collapse, Robert and Kenny defied the local tyrant to shoot an indoor match. Steve did some stuff too I guess..

Join us tonight as we get together and discuss popular yet infamous boating accidents and that one coat hanger trick that will make the alphabet boys shoot your dog!

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We got together to defend ourselves from Adam and his impugning our already low reputation. And answer questions!

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While the party of love and tolerance threatened to burn down the city if they lose, Robert and Tom recorded a show.

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The guys did a show while Robert was in Florida. So it's probably good!

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This week while Kenny went hunting, and Steve tried to fix his leaking pipes, Tom and Robert shot a match together for the first time all year. Along the way they discussed shooting, USPSA, and how many helicopters it takes to make a good communist! Join us tonight as we start dumpster fires and comment on the upcoming USPSA nationals next week in Florida. Oh wait.. same thing.
Sean Edmunds Tommy’s thoughts on the new aluminum P326... er umm P320 I mean.
Sebastian Muñoz All the common guns have been cleaned out of stock everywhere, but there is plenty of derringers, NAA revolvers, large frame revolvers in .454 casull, ruger wranglers, lever action rifles, etc. Whatever is available in the used market is going for exorbitant prices. What stupid fun gun would you buy that is available in these times? I'm thinking a lever action in .38 might be fun.
Walter Phelps I’ve found myself in general disinterested in picking up my pistol of late. I keep going to my precision rifle to do dry fire and work on positioning.
How do you guys stay interested in pistols/uspsa when the going gets rough?
Derk Hopkins The Only Question. Did Roberts gun run for the entire match?
Thomas Everett Hudson Is it time to start shooting Rimfire Steel Plate Challenge? What 22 pistol do you like? Browning BuckMark, Ruger 22/45, Volquartsen? What’s the hotness?
David Blanton Why is Tom still a peasant shooting plastic guns when he has berettas?
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We all shot the Idaho Sectional. Find out our thoughts and ask us your firearms questions for the week!



Alex Coco Wendt
I  loaded some berry's bullets up and I'm confused. Some have an over all  length of 1.130 when I'm done and then some vary up to 1.140 when they  are seated and crimped. Is that too much variation?

Matt Hemple
What do you guys do when a match is just going horrible for you like I had today

Ruben Garcia
How much is too much training before a major? Is 2-3 times a week too much before Nats with a week break right before. 

Jon Ostrom
How do you lock in a stage plan. I always feel lost on long field courses. 

Alex Coco Wendt
What is your favorite 9mm minor load?

Derk Hopkins
What is it that you will make sure you bring to a large Level II or III Match. Besides Tom's "Special Chrono" ammo.

Mark Miller
How much more would you pay at a level 2 to not paste and reset targets??

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We’re back again talking about the important issues of the day. Such as, why are we paying match fees to USPSA when all they do is administer a messed up classification system and put out subpar nationals without walkthrough music?
We also answer questions. Especially the good ones. Like, why if you bag in crappy guns in a video on YouTube all the Taurus owners come out to white knight how the fifty rounds they shot through it over the course of two years didn’t have any malfunctions and you’re just a hater?
Matt Hemple Can we ban MPXs from uspsa. Lost the overall today because a guy beat me on a stage by 5 seconds because the timer didnt pickup his last array.
Olaf Styrbjörn Primers are so hard to find I’m thinking of pulling all the bullets from the all-up rounds I’ve gathered over the years while picking up brass (thanks to all you who unload and show clear and then leave the chambered round behind). Then I can just start them in station 2 of my 550. Any reason why this is a bad idea?
Peter Wiktorski What is the shortest barrel length you will trust to reliably function on an AR pistol? With all of the social unrest going on, what have you changed in your every day carry?
Derk Hopkins What would tell yourself, if you just found out about the shooting sports in these times with the current shortages and prices? Would you pay 1.20 per round?
Gabriel Johnson When are you guys gonna release some hats!? Also, which one is better? SS minir or SS Major? My vote's for minor because I don't have nukes going off in front of my face.
Beau McDaniel If the November election turns out unfavorable for us gun owners, what place is going to be your first stop to loot while you peacefully protest?
Michael Pyne What do you do when a friend or family member says "I bought some guns" and proceeds to tell you the list of "never heard of it brands" that they impulse bought at the local gun store, all based on no research or advice from anyone but the store clerk? 1) Nod and say, "uh huh", a few times and try to change the subject 2) Mock them mercilessly for their poor choices 3) Something else? Oh, and they have no ammo for anything except the stuff they ordered from Cheaper Than Dirt, including 9mm Winchester white box @ $1.20 per round.
John Ormond We need walk up songs
Ruben Garcia Context: I left my Salomons at home on day two of our sections march. So I l called my wife at 6:30am on a Sunday to bring to to me. Question: how many dozens roses does it take to make up for being the biggest bone head in USPSA?
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Kenny decided to go camping. So you’ll have to contend with Steve,  Tom, and Robert while they discuss the important issues of the day, such  as: “Should RO’s at major matches be allowed to play stage walkthrough  music for the squad or is the match director being petty by telling them  no?”

You know... the important things. 


Tyler Turner Please talk about how excited you are that Matt Hopkins is running for A3 director and why it's important for us to start putting fresh blood on the USPSA BoD.

Aaron Laws Walkthrough music should be mandatory

Matt Hemple Since protests are so popular now, can we all group up and protest Bad ROs at majors.

Rob Moore Please see if any of your listeners (all 8 of them) know how in the world the DNROI managed to get bumped to open at SS nats.

Chris Potts What is the minimum amount of titegroup necessary to get a 115gr bullet out of a beretta 92 barrel?

Gabriel Johnson Are you guys gonna do a SS winter again?

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Robert is back from the glorious state of West Virginia and filled with Southern Pride. That’s going to be awkward.
Join us tonight as we discuss the glorious events of this week in guns.
And we’ll answer your questions. But only the good questions. Not those ones asking why a S&W rifle worked despite the certain tactical crowd saying you’d be dead in the street unless you bought a $3,000 Gucci rifle.
David Blanton How many piles of burning tires did Robert stand around on WV to scam the government for disability
Sean Edmunds Does Robert have teeth marks in his mags?
Neil Bera Have you been shooting less because of the ammo shortages? If so how much less are you shooting? Have you taken any matches off your schedule? I bought enough components for a year before the season started but now I'm worried I won't have anything for next season if supply doesn't catch up with demand. With the election coming up I have a feeling it's gonna be a while before I can find primers for under $300 for 5000 on gun broker.
Matt Hemple Since my CZ custom order didnt come in on time I brrowed a Glock34 gen5. i didnt feel held back by the gun at all. Maybe the saying its the shooter and not the gun is true. I was able to win the overall with it. Should I sell my shadows and get a gun that dosent require constant maintenance
Seth Wolford Was A8 absolutely the BEST area match. Can we have nats at shadowhawk? Or at least low cap/classic nats as a test run?
Glen Weeks First it was great meeting Robert in person after all the years of listening to the show. Now how did area 8 compare to area matches out west? Also since there was a certain stage that created a lot of Dq's what's the opinion on that stage. Do you all think big name shooters get away with more DQ's than others since they are well known and RO's don't want to be the one to DQ them?
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Steve, Tommy, and Robert shot a match. Not all together, that would be weird.
Joins us tonight as we talk about the week in guns, matches we shot, people Robert offended... you know, the usual stuff.
We also answer questions. Especially the really important ones like, How much disrepute can one person bring to a major match without getting banned from the organization?

Matt Hemple Area8 is this weekend I have about 500 rounds of practice ammo how should I use it.
Stefan Ketcham What are the main things that could change to make IDPA appealing to you?
Peter Wiktorski Besides shooting, what other spots do you guys suck at? 😀😀😀
Trevor Toone What physical conditioning do you do. ie for explosive movements and footwork
Robert C. Moreno Hello gents, I just bought a shadow 2 and a 92X and was wondering what basic upgrades would be best to start with. Also I’m thinking about having the S2 milled to run an SRO in the future; what issues did Robert run into during his stint in CO? Oh and what holster is Kenny using for his 92X? Thanks!
Tyrel Kelsey How long before a match should you locktite your front sight?
Jared Michael Do you think it would be smart to open the cop match to everyone? I could do the cop match on Tuesday/Wednesday and then have a 12 stage match for everyone on Saturday.

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Join us in our second week of looking for a new host as we talk with  Austrian turned Italian, the Humble Marksman, David Blanton. Dave  recently found himself in possession of a Langdon Beretta with a dot on  it. And now he’s all about the pasta life!



Matt Hemple Now  that the new CO and production divisions rules have been out for a bit.  What are your guys thoughts. I personally think they are stupid. My  brass griped CZ shoots insanely flat.

Collin Lewis I  just re-chronoed my same loads that have been 132pf at the last few  major matches. Some made minor and some didn't quite... powder weight is  still the same at 3.9 grains of cleanshot. Do you think something is up  with my chrono or with the load?

Sean Edmunds I bought an FNX 45, tell me how big a mistake it was...

Robert C. Moreno Hello  fellas, I'll be attending my first level 2 match end of september   (Idaho Sectional) and might be going to the Area 1 championship the next  weekend. Do you have any tips on training, equipment, and prepping  match ammo? I may be a bit in over my head as a low B shooter but i'm  excited to get out of level 1 matches. Thanks for any insight!



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In our efforts to find a new host, join us tonight as we welcome a special guest, Steve Koski. Steve is a master class IDPA shooter, sometime shooter of USPSA, and an all around mostly nice guy.
Alex Coco Wendt: Now that I have my basic Dillon 550 is the primer alarm worth it?
I have $300 to spend on reloading, what do I need to successfully load 223?
Sometimes my be shellplate doesn't go into exactly the right spot, then on the next up stroke things get hung up, how can I fix this?
Derk Hopkins First off I would like to welcome Mr. Koski to the program. Welcome Mr. Koski. How long is too long for a make ready? Asking for a friend.
Sebastian Muñoz Steve Koski, how was your 4week covid quarantine?
David Blanton Will the 92 now become viable in CO?
Kepler Kramer Steve, you got anymore jugs of titegroup?
Ruben Garcia What’s the farthest you’ve driven for a local, including pre and post Covid? What’s the limit on crazy, 1.5, 3 hours for a local?
Jacob Franklin Favorite match underwear?
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Everyone is back. Some of us shoot matches. Others sat around and complained about the general state of affairs in the country. Either way we’re doing a show and answering questions tonight at 4:30.
Kenny Platt Now that Steve is back, it’s time to remind him of the bet that he lost. I’m still shooting a plastic gun. Tacos are on him. Welcome back Steve!
David Blanton Shooting on staff day as a paid competitor - you get squaded with a bunch of boomers who are mostly IDPA shooters and it’s 100 degrees - your options are to pick up the clock and move the squad and degrade your match performance - or let them limp along - what do you do?
Lex Konishi What is indicternation?
Douglas Dalske G19 or 365xl for Carry and welcome back natty ice Steve!
Peter Wiktorski Has anyone from "Team Brown" gotten a state side with their vehicle yet?
Derk Hopkins What are some major Matches you guys are looking forward to NEXT year.
Evan Ruesdale Proudest moment and why?
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Steve is still out of town undergoing indicternation in Oregon. So we got the crazy Nate to join us again to talk guns, fireworks, and other levels of high disrepute.
Zach Grubb When developing a load - do you tune your load to the recoil spring or do you tune recoil spring to your loads?
Walter Phelps Is a 9 pistol suppressed quite enough to enjoy in suburbia?
Matt Hemple How should you treat people that done paste all day and have the nerve to not tear down.
David Blanton How excited are you guys to come shoot the North Texas Open?
David Blanton What is your favorite competition gun and what are 3 things that keep it from being perfect?
Drew Beckman For the esteemed panel: what is your favorite non competition range toy? Thoughts on the Cz Scorpion?
Sebastian Muñoz How do you take revenge on the assholes who light off mortars on weeknights for two weeks straight around this time of the year? Asking for a friend.
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The Humble Marksmen joins us tonight
Walter Phelps Not wanting to shoot limited minor with a p226 sao, how similar is the 320 x5? Ignoring the hammer vs striker ofc.
Matt Hemple Got a question for Kenny. When you made GM. Did it make you practice harder. Since I made it I've been practicing even more
Jared Michael How to get better at long range pistol shooting? 25 yard etc.
JD Tree Why don't his Glocks shoot left like everyone else's?
Jeromy Camp Any thoughts on using a .22lr pistol for live fire training instead of regular match gun some of the time?
Michael Boisson Is the Shadow 2 the best production gun ever?
Derk Hopkins If there was a State VS State USPSA competition Who would be on the team if there was a Team Utah? One person in each division to represent Utah. And back up if you don't want to name just one.
Calvin Leatherwood On a budget, 2011 or the DWX in 40? I know its not out yet but is it a viable option for limited?
Ryan Reid How do you stay so humble? Is Georgia or Texas more awesome, and what exactly makes you say Georgia?
Tyler Turner If dots make you shoot better, why have you gone backwards since you strayed from the Lord's division?
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Unlike Area 1, we're always on.. Well, except for Steve. He's a bit water logged from drinking all the natty ice. So it's Kenny, Tom and Robert tonight.
Ruben Garcia I’ll be shooting my first Nats this year, any recommendations on how to prepare?
David Blanton Odds that nationals happens with COVID resurgence
Chris Lokey Wanted to say how awesome it was That Kenny started a new shooter club. Wish them all the success.
Brandon Boyd From your experience what makes a fun and interesting stage?
Gabriel Johnson What is the best option for slowing down entering a position? Big slowing steps like Charlie Perez teaches? Or, Flutter steps like JJ Racaza?
Mark Miller Best static drills, unable to run around (recovery from surgery) but i can stand and shoot.
Nate Osborne Likely you listened to the interview on practical shooting after dark with the area 2 director. I would be interested to hear your opinions on some of the topics they discussed. Should you be required to be a USPSA member to shoot matches? Should USPSA HQ be doing any more for local club's, marketing, etc.? Or are you happy with the current situation? What were your thoughts on seeing USPSA as a business? Should they be more actively marketing and trying to expand the sport? I just found the entire show to be very interesting, and wondered if you all had any thoughts on the topics.
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Tom and Steve went all Make Ready Podcast. So Kenny and Robert who love you more decided to record a show on their own.

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The guys shot a match. Then went to protest and things got out of hand. Needless to say the Rooftop Koreans had to get involved.

Richard Ingram Eric Gruffel says anything other than an Alpha on an open target shooting minor is unacceptable. Discuss.
Sebastian Muñoz @Steve Koski, how do you make a decision on which beer to buy? I always hear about cost/ounce/abv . . . can you nerd out and talk about your calculation method?
Steven Stewart Thinking of picking up a CZ TSO in 40, what spare parts should I have on hand? Or wait for the DWX...
Sean Edmunds Has Tommy tried his M&P 2.0 barrel in his wife’s M&P? Could he? Thinking about buying one to try in my 2008 M&P.
Wyatt John McNeill Serious question: Why do each of you shoot? What is the reason? Is there a end goal?
Kenneth Lamotte In y'all's opinion which movie has the most realistic gun play? Also m&p 2.0 or canik tp9sfx?
Ryan Zelachoski When you melt the fiber in the front sight, do you leave a big dot or small? Great show! Thanks.
Max Bloemendaal FYI, in the movie “Rush Hour” everyone uses a Beretta 92.
Douglas Dalske what's everyone's preferred energy delivery system prior to the match?
Justin Johnston What does Tom recommend for single stack gear? And is he ready to sell his rig for cheap since he is back in bed with his ole 90-two?
Ed Jackson The Rona pretty much screwed 2020, I haven’t shot a match since 7 Mar...should I just hang it up and liquidate all my gear, or ease my way back in?

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We’re going to do a show tonight. It will involve the latest production division talk, followed by some spicy takes on USPSA, and we may even talk about a match or two. Either way join us tonight as Kenny regales us with his thoughts on his new Beretta. We will also Answer questions. But only the cool questions. Well, maybe even the not so cool questions. We’re pretty open like that
Jacob Franklin Is Tom’s favorite tv show Westworld due to all the PX4 screentime?
Matt Hemple Due to the covid 19 I have drove 12hrs to shoot 2 matches the past two weekends. With equals out to about 150 seconds of shooting. Should I seek help from a counselor.
Chris Potts Questions for Robert. Are Dillons like CZ’s in the sense that you have buy another one whenever you break a spring?
Sebastian Muñoz Where can I find 17 ounce CZ basepads?
Robert C. Moreno Could you share your load data regarding Sport Pistol? I’m shooting 9mm 125 gallant bullets. Also, how do you go about finding accurate loads for your pistol, OAL, latter testing? Thanks for any insight!
Brett Beddow Any suggestions for removing squibs from a 16” PCC 9mm barrel ? I’ve channeling my inner squibnandez
David Blanton What if production had the option for major and 8 rounds- same rule otherwise. Would that provide character to the division or just be changing stuff to change stuff at this point
Evan Ruesdale I have been away from small arms for over two years, and will continue to be for another year. What can I do to maintain proficiency?
Nate Osborne What year (when not if) will a 9mm 2011 or 1911 be production legal? And how will manufacturer donations impact this timeline?
Austin Rist Tom, is it an unwritten rule to not walk through peoples yards if possible when delivering packages?
Chris Potts Also for Robert. I ordered 3k galant 147’s. What length do you like to load them? Any suggestions for loading them for a Pistol Caliber “Pistol” with a suppressor.
Tony Carter What are the Pros / Cons of 124 grain vs 147 grain match Ammo? Felt recoil, muzzle flip, accuracy and energy on poppers?
Lex Konishi Brisket, pulled pork or Ribs?
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Some of the guys shot a match yesterday while one protested, then went  out and practiced on his own. Find out who tonight on the show as we  discuss the week in guns and answer your super wonderful questions.


Rob Brom I  think I should shoot groups to get used to shooting the gun correctly  after a lag in practice.  Is this something your team of....guys...would  recommend? Thanks

Max Bloemendaal If  the only match you end up shooting this season is IDPA, with a  different gun than you shoot USPSA with, how many tacos would you eat?

Drew Beckman All  the recent podcast love for the 92 sent me down a Beretta rabbit hole.  We’ve heard Tom defend the APX - let’s hear some hot takes on his  defense of the Pico!

Derk Hopkins After  all this time off, Once the timer beeped what did you forget to do?  I  forgot this was a competition. I did not move with urgency.

Joshua Cook Transitions...any  tips on how to train to stop on target at speed without over "shooting"  your spot on target?  With all transitions at different distances it  seems hard to "muscle memory" transitions for precision.

Chad Strickland If the government gives another stimulus check, do I buy a safe or a MacBook for my wife?

Dave Sohm Rear sight has come loose, i can slide it with my finger. How should i secure it?

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While Steve planned a trip to Ohio, the rest of the guys spent their Ronabucks on new guns. Find out what everyone bought with their government bribe.. err relief money tonight as was talk about the week in guns!

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Day 376ish of the quarantine. Tom is still brown santa. Robert has resorted to setting up backyard field courses. Kenny has switched to production. Steve has gone full joe exotic and is now looking for drugs and a tiger.
But some things stay the same. They’re going to record another show. And with the help of you cool cats and sardine soaked kittens, they’ll answer all the questions you may have! Especially the ones about the guns and matches they aren’t shooting.
Robert C. Moreno What are your thoughts on the Trijicon SRO? Is it worth the extra cost over a Delta Point Pro? I'm thinking of throwing it on a X-5 Legion and shooting Carry Optics.
Douglas Dalske How often do ipsc targets show up at your local matches back when we all use to be able to shoot matches. I'm Considering ordering a case of them for practice. Since you do see them at majors just never at my local matches. Good idea or just stick to USPSA targets?
Chris Lokey How many days has Koski been in withdrawal from lack of Natty Ice? Has he passed the stages of shivers and breaking isolation in search of that sweet sweet nectar? Only to find that there is none? Does he wonder the streets while sad Hulk music plays in the background?
Olaf Styrbjörn (Just Olaf). The past six months I am the only one who shows up in Production. I am debating putting together a CO slide for my G34 so I have people to compete against. Is this a good idea or am I better off buying a complete other gun?
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Kenny Platt from the Make Ready Podcast joins us to talk about all the hot takes in the USPSA worlds

Direct download: Return_of_the_Kenny.mp3
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From the show that brings you quantity over quality the guys are back once again for another weekly installment of your favorite.. err liked.. uh.. well we are doing a show.

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Due to the Cornoavirus, the editors have taken the week off.

With the Coronavirus in full effect the guys couldn’t shoot a match. So Kenny went camping to scout out some new locations for some plants he’s trying to grow. Not sure what that’s all about but he said Big Clouds would understand..
Join us tonight as we discuss the week not in guns, and the ensuing panic of having to deal with family members. 
A.J. Ellis Anyone wanna trade a fresh Glock 31 round mag for a factory mag for a CZ Shadow 2? As for the show, what are your favorite target stand systems for range day?
Nate Osborne Steve mentioned he got a bidet last week, but did he get a dozen of them to accommodate all of his many bathrooms, or is the whole family just using a single restroom facility now?
Michael Pyne I've heard you mention that the USPSA Associate membership is gone. But I renewed mine about a week ago. The renewal defaulted to the $40/year option. But if you clicked on the "other options" (or something like that) you could select the $25 option. Thanks for doing the show.
Dutch Brogoitti With Nationals bumped do you think A1 will also?
Chris Potts I’m so happy that we are making “big cloud” jokes again.
Sebastian Muñoz Can Robert Wyatt talk about how to setup a backyard range? My backyard is 60'bwide x 30' deep, neighbors on all sides. Thanks
Thomas Everett Hudson Since Defensive ammo is so hard to find right now, and my shipment just came in; How deep of a hole should I drill into my Gallant Bullets to make Hollow Points?
Dustin Taylor Has Steve bought enough Natty Light to survive his quarantine?
Richard Ingram Where to practice if your local range is closed?

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The guys got together and shot a match despite the impending corona  virus outbreak. They also shot berettas with optics and comps in  production. Cause apparently USPSA is allowing anything these days. It  was interesting. 

Join us tonight as we discuss the match, and our pending demise from the corona virus. 


Richard Clare I would like a response from the CEO of PARA cast on what they are doing in response to this virus please.

Also.  I'm having issues bringing stuff I do in live fried n dry fire practice  into a match. I seem to resort to my same usual speed at a match vs  practice.

Marshall Kear Is  it a blessing or a curse that the virus doesn’t cause zombies? The lack  of required head shots does simplify the toilet paper retrieval

A.J. Ellis What are you all looking forward to most about the impending apocalypse?

Nate Osborne Is  there a compelling reason the be a USPSA member if you don't have plans  to shoot major matches during the year? I care less and less about  having a letter by my name, and am not really being convinced that a  membership is worth it.

Mark Miller I  know you guys talked about it last week, but I wasn't able to ask til  this week. What about the reason for the weight increase in CO being  able to get 2011's into the mix in the future. With all the big  manufacturers building the 9mm with slide mounted optics. All it will  take is, one more rule change for that to happen (single action),  essentially pushing polymer guns out of the mix.

Sebastian Muñoz Given the shortage of toilet paper, are you guys still eating Jack in the Box tacos after matches?

David Bartlett The  symptoms of COVID19 range from a mild cold to death. Should zombie  films feature a similar range of outcomes, starting with many of the  infected merely wanting to lick other people?
PS. Let the scorekeeper touch the approve button on the Practiscore tablet until further notice.

Nate Osborne With the quarantine, are we going to see an influx of GMs who dry fired for 8 hours a day while stuck in their houses?



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Kenny shot a Beretta and now has the Coronavirus. Robert meanwhile spent the week trying to figure out how to bolt an extra three pounds on his shadow since USPSA created the new division “L10 without a Magwell”
Join us tonight as we discuss how much we love when governing bodies Frak up the divisions with arbitrary rule changes because they’re too lazy to enforce the existing ones.
Rob Chavous When did USPSA remove the $25 associate member option? Stealth dues increase?
Brady Kraft I have purchased a “wanna be a gunfighter starter kit”. Glock 34, comp tac holster and a shit ton of mags.
1) can you expand on the belt options for my starter kit. Inner and outer belt setups etc. This is foreign to a rifle guy. Even though I have a budget gun, not necessarily looking for budget belt.
2) I added the dawson sight upgrade to my starter kit per y’alls recommendation. I quit being a wuss and installed them myself. Can you walk me through sight in techniques you use to get them aligned properly.
3) Focusing a lot on grip. Right handed shooter. When I look at grip techniques, most of what I see has the left hand palm making contact with pistol. I am am struggling to get this right. My palm overlaps my right hand. I am thinking about this correctly? What am I missing?
Jared Spearman What features/criteria make a shot timer a good one? What timers meet these criteria?
Kenny Platt What do you think the effect would have been of USPSA eliminating the weight limits all together in CO/Prod vs enacting such a high one? My read on it, to get you guys started, is that had they completely erased the weight limits all together, people would have likely not felt the need to change their guns much at all, but now that there’s a golden number that you can achieve, many people (myself not included) feel like there’s a race to 58.5oz going on.
K.C. Hutchinson Is it better to take your Charlie and deltas and move on or take that third shot to try and get a second alpha?
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Daniel Garibay If you had to concealed carry only one gun for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Derk Hopkins For USPSA/IDPA where do you site in you pistols? For defense?
Thomas Everett Hudson Red Dots, large or small for competition? Advantages/disadvantages of each? I’d love to hear your opinions. P.S. Love the show. I look forward to it each week. It really is like sitting in with a good group of friends and listening to them talk $hit. Keep up the good work.
Matthew Engman I’ve trained a handful of times in the last year... what should I work on first?
Max Bloemendaal Steve, how much has the 5th Generation of Glock enhanced "Perfection"? Solid update, or minor upgrade?
Jacob Franklin Did we get another new IDPA rule book this year?!?
Gabriel Johnson When you are reloading, where should the gun be? Chest height a foot away? Shoulder height foot and a half away? Where should the gun be pointing (if facing downrange)? I dropped 5 mags on 3 of the 4 stages yesterday, you do the math. Still came in fourth though.
A.J. Ellis I've always just used the factory sights on my handguns and it looks like I may need to zero one or two of them. How does one go about adjusting factory fixed sights for windage for best results? Or do I really need to just get adjustable sights if I want to mess with them?
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Steve, Robert, and Kenny shot a match while Tommy changed his press over to 9mm and threw his single stack away.

 Join us tonight as we talk about politics, cheap alcohol, and also some  spicy shooting related gossip. And we answer your questions. 


K.C. Hutchinson What parts do you recommend to have on hand for single stack

Walter Phelps Who would you go to if you needed a holster made for a slightly obscure pistol?

Steve Jaworski What  would you recommend to engage targets faster when rolling into a new  position?  On video, I’m getting where I need to be with the gun up just  fine.  After that, refining the sight picture and pulling the trigger  is painfully slow.  What’s the deal?

Andrew Fisher Have any of you guys had tendonitis and how did you remain competitive?

Mark Brandau What is the last training breakthrough you feel you've had, and when was it?

Brian Prusse What  drills can help with recoil management? I shot a match this weekend and  worked on nothing but speed and had a lot more penalties because of it.  I don’t want to slow down to get me hits I want to control the recoil  better.
Has anyone on the podcast considered doing short night training classes like Adam Riser does for 3 gun?




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Between shooting in standing water and long checkout lines, the guys shot a match. It was epic.


Nate Osborne If Alex Coco Wendt and Tom H Nelson can't get the squad in front of them to tape and reset, what operant conditioning methods should you use on them?

Derk Hopkins If  a pistol you have been wanting is going to be available soon. Would you  purchase as soon as it becomes available or would you wait to touch and  feel it and listen to the reviews?

Justice-Cynthia Coker What detergents or chemicals do you use when cleaning guns and brass in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Peter Wiktorski Since Virginia keeps pushing for the big igloo to pop off, what preferred camo?  Kryptek or Hawaiian shirt and shorts?

Jacob Franklin Next gun purchase? What will it be?

Klay Grover How about you four shoot a match in production with hi-points.

Kevin Izatt Value powders? Been using tightgroup. Worth looking at something else?

Max Bloemendaal What Area matches would you like to shoot but haven't?



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We went out and shot a match then recorded a show early because Kenny wanted to watch the Super Foosball game:

Levi: New to the podcast and loving it! Thanks guys! Question: I've just started shooting competitions and would like your advice to a new shooter for his first season: realistic expectations and where to concentrate to improve the fastest (I'm shooting limited)? Sidenote: I already had the realization after a couple episodes of the paracast that my first ever match I was squaded with THE Mr. Tom Nelson. I could not scroll back through episodes fast enough to hear his match breakdown and "colorful" description of me and the other first time shooters that day. Let's just say, I was not disappointed. :-)

David "The Humble Marksman" Blanton: Question for the show if I don’t see the post go out in time - what makes a level 2 match special (within reason)? What is the minimum expectation and what would take it to the next level from a shooters experience?

Daniel Lutz Have you played with the difference between 124 and 147gr ammo in production. What pros and cons did you decide on. I have been loading 147gr heads for 2 years now and keep wondering if I want to try 124gr. I know there will not be a world of difference but seeking opinions.
Mark Miller Going to put on a 8-9 stage pro am match later this year, any thoughts on pro am, do you like shooting it, any suggestions. We are using 15/mag. Keep up the good work
Jeremy Curnutte Not sure if it’s too late for a show question, but just bought a 1050 with a mark 7 off armslist. Any must haves that I need to get?
Max Bloemendaal What stage-styles, equipment and rules would you combine to make a shooting Superbowl? With the result being the best overall shooter in the world?
John B. Holbrook Now for a legitimate question. Since we’re in the off-season, I think it’s been a while since each of you has talked about your EDC, to include your CCW choices/options.

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Apparently Kenny wants to watch the foosball game. So we’re recording a show early.
David Blanton Why do we have to deal with winter getting in the way of shooting?
Peter Wiktorski What "new things" are you hoping to see come out at SHOT that hasn't been announced yet?
Tyrel Kelsey Can you discuss your approaches to tracking swingers, and how/if you practice it in dry fire
Marshall Kear Revo’s and the roaring 20’s. Will there be a resurgence of wheel guns in competition?
Buddy Wats Why are gun influencers attending SHOT instead of going to VA and showing support for the 2A in a real way?
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Some of the guys shot a match. It wasn't Robert.
Kepler Kramer Anyone tried the hundred round .223 case gauge?
(I know Tom and Steve are too cheap to buy one, but maybe Robert picked one up?)
Steve Jaworski Let’s say you were thinking of retiring to Utah from back East. What part of the habitable zone would you recommend for a combination of competition shooting, quality of life, cost, etc?
Chris Potts I heard Tommy talking about working about with a kettle bell. I was thinking about giving this a try. Are there any thing that I should watch out for so that I don’t end up with “birthing” hips?
Derk Hopkins Any movies I should watch since I can not dry fire?
Peter Wiktorski When are you going to go out and buy a Sig P229 in 357SIG?
Scott Pigg Ok. how about another USPSA divisions chat?
Drop lim10, production, and carry optics.
Start a super stock division. An unmodified marked parts gun. (obviously this would have to involve manufacturers) Steel and polymer versions optional. Winners will have their guns checked for tampering. Giving folks back the just buy it and shoot it confidence. 10 rounds 9mm only.
Start a MODIFIED division. this division is pretty much any gun from the stock division but you can modify it to current production rules. 15 rounds. 4lb triggers and tested before match and winners checked again.
Third new division is MOD OPTICS. same as modified but with optics.
The idea is modeled after car racing divisions. worked well to get companies interested in making faster better and safer cars. Its only a recent idea so don't think I am married to it. Please feel free to call me an idiot.
Good to hear the UPS man still lives. and robert sorry for your loss brother.
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Joshua Cook If you can compare recoil impulse, feel, single action trigger, etc... with an xfive legion and a shadow 2?
Ruben Garcia I’ve notice my last shot in and array is D/A or Something like that. Any advice on settling the sights in the A zone before firing? Or is it just mental?
Zach Grubb 1911/2011 - toolless guide rod worth it?
Wayne Anderson Has anyone ever shown up to a PCC match with something cool like a Thompson M1A1?
Ryan Reid Nothing's illegal in USPSA anymore
Brian Purkiss What is your favorite drill (or drills) for sharpening the skill to see your sights through recoil?
Shoot Reload Repeat Podcast During live fire I see people unloading after each string. When I shoot multiple strings I just reholster. Am I building bad habits or being hella smart? By the way I didn’t the red dot life, just like my buddy Robert Wyatt
Eric Steiner When will Make Ready record another podcast?
Brady Kraft With Colt making revolvers and HK sp5, do you expect to see any 80’s only themed matches in the near future?
David Bartlett Is anyone going to SHOT?
Christopher Anderson What competition bags do you all use, backpack or shoulder strap style? Also what are your holsters for Single Stack Winter?
Kenny Platt When is Tommy going to sell off his .45 for a 9mm 1911 so he can enjoy shooting Single Stack instead of powering through the annoyances of shooting SS major? I’ll start the bidding at $99, going once...
Ryan Reid If you had to make three substantive changes (mandatory) to USPSA, what would they be. Why do I feel like this has been asked and answered?
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